Friday, 22 May 2009

Digital Versicolor

Last week in London my friends, I shopped like there was no tomorrow. Like fellow blogger Joe it is not a secret that I lurrrrrrve Primark because it's cheap and relatively on trend.
And for this, I get a few haters who say "ah but it's so cheap", "blah check out these fabrics" or "do you even know who makes the clothes?".
Well I know it's not exactly high end when it comes to quality but I also know that by next summer I will probably be bored of these clothes and would regret having spent £60 on a floral dress when it could have cost me a tenner at good old primarni.

So there! I love a good bargain and I don't care!

pics by A.C

jacket and shirt dress primark
bracelet h&m

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Trendy Gourmandise said...

a 100% d'accord avec toi ! et puis primark c'est top tanpis pour ceux qui pensent le contraire ! lol tu es très jolie sur les photos