Monday, 6 April 2009

she's gotta have it baby!

I can't believe I had never watched "She's gotta have it" before! Sunday was spent being all cozy making jokes and eating sushi and this is when Spike Lee's film came on the menu. Well on the pay-per view menu to be precise.

Nola Darling is a strong black woman juggling three lovers at once in the cool pre-Starbucks/American Apparel Brooklyn of the 80's. Her wardrobe is all I want for summer and the soundtrack is banging. What's not to love?

Go home now and watch it!


Cobaltblue said...

Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed !

la fée said...

ce film est génial !!! faut que je me l'achète en dividi celui là il mérite

Maria said...

loved your blog. has cool photos!
i'll try to see the movie!


lazydisco said...

it's a must see! i'll go check your blog x