Sunday, 26 April 2009

On track

Aaah Paris and its beautiful river banks... What else is nicer than a long walk at sunset in the warm breeze?

Okay okay I'll stop talking like I'm describing a postcard now, but sometimes I have to stop to look around and realise for the 1000th times that Paris is such a pretty town.
I loved London and there were some places where I enjoyed spending time like the Barbican, or the South Bank, but I don't know, it never really felt the same.
Which I guess is not a bad thing.

I've kind of given up finding an interesting job anytime soon so I'm sticking to my mcjob for now(yes I know, I'm a receptionist) and concentrating on something altogether more fun...summer holidays!
So far for june/july I have lined up a trip à deux to South-West France, Barcelona for Sonar Festival, then the Caribbean to spend three weeks with granny. Can't wait!

pics by A.C

shirt vintage
cardi and belt primark
skirt aa
bag jerome dreyfuss


Trendy Gourmandise said...

coup de coeur sur ta tenue ! la petite chemise et la jupe un peu taille haute "so lovely" !

lazydisco said...

merci!!j'espère que ca se passe bien pour toi à londres!

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

lovely pictures!

maria clara said...

paris is lovely! loved ur blog!
soo cute your shirt, your look is amazing!

the_young_dude said...

jolies lumières.. Paris me manquerait presque!!