Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Pilote automatique

I've had many musical obsessions in my life-it's weird how I go through phases of being completely crazy about something, then I forget about it a few months later, then end up going back to it at some point, finally able to enjoy it with some kind of sense.

This is exactly what happened with Kraftwerk and I think now is the time to bring them up, maybe because I have been feeling a bit nostalgic and this reminds of good innocent times. (sort of)
In 2002 I guess thanks to M. I listened to "Radioactivity" for the first time and became intrigued. I did some research, heard more, bought the album, then another, then another one, then the book, researched rarities on ebay and bam, I was hooked.

After that it was "Trans-Europe Express" for the train journeys home, "Radioactivity" for long cold depressing nights, "Autobahn" on the car with my dad driving to south of France, "Man Machine" everytime I dj-ed, "Tour de France" at the gym.
To this day I am still intrigued by the band and completely mesmerized by the aesthetics.


More to come on the musical obssession theme: ESG, Shellac, Joy Division...

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