Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Fancy footwork

I have finally moved in!
More to come soon...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

De bonnes raisons

I am seriously trying not to disappear from this blog I promise; I guess things are moving around for me at the moment, thus a lack of time.
I will finally be sleeping in my new flat this weekend hurrah! (pics to come soon)

Did you enjoy the first days of spring?
Only to be replaced quickly by this shitty cold and rain?

shirt wrangler
shorts topshop
jacket primark

Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Magazine

So this is what I've been helping my friend Lyna work on for the past couple of months; I was keeping it quiet until the right time. Now it's ready to be unveiled, prepare to be amazed!

LURVE is an independent magazine, led by a team of passionate people who were looking for a fashion publication ahead of trends and with more depth, yet visually striking.
Miles away from the usual fashion glossy, the magazine puts the emphasis on emerging designers and artists, new talents and creators of our future.

Crossing the fields of arts, fashion and music, LURVE is the voice of a more demanding generation eager to explore contemporary culture and creation, beyond the mainstream.
With a first issue to be launched in April, LURVE embraces an 'Ode to individuality' that celebrates creative pioneers, from Terence Koh to Francine Spiegel, from Meryl Smith to Chadwick Tyler.

By adding a daily-updated blog to the print version, LURVE is also showing on tracks with a concern for modernity and sharing.

Let's share the LURVE!

contact me about how to get a copy-also coming to a store near you in London, Paris, Berlin or Stockholm...

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Pilote automatique

I've had many musical obsessions in my life-it's weird how I go through phases of being completely crazy about something, then I forget about it a few months later, then end up going back to it at some point, finally able to enjoy it with some kind of sense.

This is exactly what happened with Kraftwerk and I think now is the time to bring them up, maybe because I have been feeling a bit nostalgic and this reminds of good innocent times. (sort of)
In 2002 I guess thanks to M. I listened to "Radioactivity" for the first time and became intrigued. I did some research, heard more, bought the album, then another, then another one, then the book, researched rarities on ebay and bam, I was hooked.

After that it was "Trans-Europe Express" for the train journeys home, "Radioactivity" for long cold depressing nights, "Autobahn" on the car with my dad driving to south of France, "Man Machine" everytime I dj-ed, "Tour de France" at the gym.
To this day I am still intrigued by the band and completely mesmerized by the aesthetics.


More to come on the musical obssession theme: ESG, Shellac, Joy Division...

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Daft Punk song of the week: "Da Funk"

So I can say last weekend in London was a bit productive, at least shopping-wise.

Finally there was ok stuff to buy in Primark, like this dress that I will probably have to wait three months to wear, but whatever.

More stuff to come, checked shirts! And maybe my new h&m bikini, if I dare...

Oh yeah and a new haircut was due. At last.

dress primark
socks aa
shoes andré

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Avec ou sans

Oh yeah, going out last night was good-exactly what the doctor ordered: friends, drinks, banging dj's (Prins Thomas) etc etc.
But then the morning hits and I wake up with a massive headache..what's wrong with me am I really getting that old?I didn't even drink that much, but it seems that I cant't handle it as well as I used to...

Time to recover and spend a long sunday afternoon with two good friends.