Tuesday, 13 January 2009



First press play.

TTC "Cé Pou Vou"

I'm sorry but this tune just smells like summer.It's like 3 degrees and now the temperature has finally risen above zero all we can think about is spring and floral dresses and thin blazers and no-tights nights.

In the meantime warm up with good bangers and cups of cocoa; I will see you on a packed dancefloor soon though, this post xmas laziness has to stop now, I need to start going out again and nod my head to good music all night!

top peacocks
skirt AA
belt vintage from freepstar


MarionRocks said...

C'est très joli la petite marinière avec la jupe moutarde AA ! Et la ceinture camel, petit détail qui fait bcp !
Sympa ta tenue donc, et ravie que le remix de Kilometer te plaise ;)

lazydisco said...

cette jupe elle vraiment trop pratique, je me demande si après la grise et la moutarde je vais pas craquer pour la beige :)

Justmel and my style said...

Cette tenue est parfaite, la jupe , le haut, la ceinture, tout est sublime!

lazydisco said...

ha merci beaucoup! chouette ton blog!

I heart milk said...

ok i seriously never thought that that AA skirt was nice in mustard (??) / yellow. But you look effing nice init.

lazydisco said...

this skirt is sooo good i want it in every colour!