Thursday, 8 January 2009

Nasty girls dance! dance! dance!

Recently I was browsing through my Itunes and I thought there was something missing...I had a computer stolen in 2005 you see, so a lot of my music had disappeared at the time.

Then I thought, Vanity 6! I hadn't heard "Nasty Girl" in aaaaaages so I immediately downloaded it (ok downloading is bad, but I have the 7" too, so it doesn't count right?) then got in the mood to get dressed up and dance to some disco at Social Club with A.B
Vanity 6 "Nasty Girl"
on the same theme: Donna Summer "Bad Girls"

top and skirt AA
"waistcoat" savagely cut from an horrible shirt
belt primark

make your own polaroids at, it's fun!


Nat&Dieg said...

Karine you are our new internet guru!!! xxxx

lazydisco said...

wait till you see my new it bag!!

Neyzia said...

Hey hey me revoilou!!
Happy new Year!!
Pleins de bonne choses pour 2009 que le meilleurs!
ça faisait un temps que je n'avais pas blogguer, et de plus je ne pouvais plus laisser de com sans avoir un compte blogger! C'est choses faite, nouvel année , nouveau blog!

Toujours aussi nice ton blog, j'aime beaucoup l'effet pola!!
Xoxo Neyz'

lazydisco said...

bonne année à toi aussi!
je vais aller voir ton nouveau blog de suite!xx

Neyzia said...

J'ai pas encore poster mais t'inquiète je vais m'y ateler dès que possible!!!

Mais je te tiens au jus dès que je poste