Thursday, 22 January 2009


Oh my I think I've really arrived too late to get anything good in the sales. Only bad jeans and skirts left in topshop, piles of crap in Urban Outfitters, and Primark, where there isn't much reduced obviously, is disappointing.So far all I've bagged is this pair of fake wayfarers-my favourite kind!
And when A.B is at work I have plenty of time to steal his t-shirts and cardigans. Awesome babes.

sunnies camden market
top AA
cardigan uniqlo


Marion said...

aucun rapport mais je crois que j'adore les animaux naturalisés!!!
je suis folle

lazydisco said...

hehe ils sont cools ces renards hein?

Marion said...

mais oui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! j'adore aussi les zèbres entiers genre musée d'histoires naturelles je trouve que ça a trop de gueule!!!!