Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Xmas wishlist..

Because the time has come, right?
So this is what I'm hoping for this year...

Hiya mum/dad/bf/granny! A Roberts radio, because I miss listening to the FIP and Nova, and these ones are so cute too.

A year gym membership, because 2009 is the new buff.

Françoise Hardy's biography: a star-biography a year keeps the heart happy.

Justice, A Cross the Universe DVD, I know it's ridiculous but I want it anyway.

Lots of products from Kiehls after my hard work out at the gym I can relax in the bath reading the Françoise Hardy book whilst listening to the radio before applying the lightweight lotion then falling asleep on the sofa with the Justice dvd still on.
And you?


Anonymous said...

Boo to the gym! And that radio is a cutie.

All I want for Christmas is everything. And nothing.

ps - yes that's Chloe!

pps - I love Taylor's hair. She's the bomb diggity.


Fashion Addict said...

I really like your wishlist for Christmas, and I bet you that you could possibly get a lot of thingss that you want!!!

BTW, would you like to link up with my blog?