Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Violet Pivoine

A simple outfit, for a fun day.

Bunked off work, couldn’t be bothered to go and yet fill some more administrative forms when I’ve studied for 5 fucking years! Why!

Anyway also, I’m kind of glad not to be moving to Amsterdam-did I mention I didn’t get the job? Don’t even want to talk about it, I’m kind of getting used to rejection now. But yeah Paris is good right now, especially since most of my girl-friends are tangled up in some kind of dating nightmare involving 6 people. It’s quite fun being the bystander who gets all the gossip, the juicy bits and the drama.

I’m also deep into DIY for my future flat, hopefully it will be ready for new year’s eve. . .

top and cardigan AA
shorts and ballet pumps primark
ring Swarovski (2006 birthday present from A.B)


ELLE said...

Hey I'm new to your blog. What is it that you studied? What profession are you in? Are you originally from Paris or London?

lazydisco said...

hey welcome!
i'm from paris but i lived in london for 7 years where I studied Media and cultural studies and then culture, policy and's so hard to find a job though!

cindy said...

i love your glasses!

nice blog :]