Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Number One

Back in Paris after three short and sweet days in London.

Bad bad weather but lots of good times ( it was A.B's 27th birthday), and only a little bit of shopping. (Primark is so bad for clothes right now)

But thankfully a few weeks ago I had sent Phantomas aka DVNO (“No need to ask my name, to figure out how cool I am!”) on a little AA mission for me during his trip to NYC. And finally I have the mustard skirt I have been longing for! (Coming soon: the perfect sexy black skirt)

blazer h&m
skirt aa
top and shoes primark


ray desre said...

love your blazer,and your right primark is so rubbish at the mo xxx

lazydisco said...

i hope it will pick up soon, cos i need some cheap dresses!

Phantomas said...

c'est vrai qu'elle te va bien cette jupe AA... content que tu sois contente

lazydisco said...

direct from NYC yeahhrr!!