Saturday, 15 November 2008

Les Nuits de La Pleine Lune

Saturday is a god day to talk about films don’t you think? Personally, I love Eric Rohmer with a passion-even though I know that some people hate him with as much intensity. My favourite films of his are “Autumn Tale”, “Love in the Afternoon” and “My friend’s boyfriend’s”. I love the characters, the intense dialogues, and the crazy love stories.

But there’s a Rohmer film that tops it all for me, and that’s “Les Nuits de La Pleine Lune” aka “Full Moon in Paris”. It’s set in Paris in the early 80’s and has a delicious Elli and Jacno soundtrack and a very young Fabrice Luchini. . .

To sum it up quickly, in the film, Louise (Pascale Ogier) is torn between peaceful times with her boyfriend in the Parisian suburbs and a more exciting life in the city where she also has an apartment.

Ensue a lot of absurd situations and quiproquos, the essence of the film resides in the scene where Louise starts sobbing uncontrollably: the viewer who knows that the 25th year-old actress died shortly after the film of an heart attack can’t helped but be moved by her fragility... Yeah very uplifiting I know.

If you can’t see the film yet, at least listen to these:

"Les Nuits de la Pleine Lune"

"Toujours les Souvenirs"


shamblebaby said...


just descovered it a few weeks ago.
it's marvellous.


thanks for the soundtrack,i've been searching for it like a fool^^

lazydisco said...

aah i'm glad you're a fan too!

Nat&Dieg said...

looooveee it!