Monday, 3 November 2008

Daft Punk song of the week: "Steam Machine"

Oh my, it’s Monday already. Thanks to the goodies brought back from Amsterdam, Friday night looked a bit like the “Smack my bitch up” video if you see what I mean.
I would post some pictures but I don’t think my friends would appreciate. So instead, records! This is what I’ve been buying recently. . .

-A Boys Noize Records double whammy: Les Petits Pilous “Wake Up” EP and Shadow Dancer “Cowbois” EP. Superbly banging, oh and if anyone has a copy of the Petits Pilous 1st EP to sell, let me know!

-Aphex Twin “Windowlicker”: Because it is still a classic and you could play it anywhere and people would love it.

-Jean Nipon “Wild at heart” and High Powered Boys “Sounds of Cain”: I said I would stay away from Institubes but I failed, sorry!

Good music blogs I’ve started reading recently, go to Electrocasts and Brrln for fresssh sounds.

Tomorrow night, go Obama?


AusAnna said...

i love cover art. is your blog name from the Angus and Julie Stone song? yes go obama. love your blog darling.x

lazydisco said...

oh thank you! the name i actually picked quite and cigarettes, the two things that came to my mind first :)