Friday, 21 November 2008

Daft Punk song of the week: "Rollin and Scratchin"

This mustard skirt I just can't get enough of, my hair on the other hand just drives me crazy.
What do you do when your hair is straightened but still kind of curly and you can't really grow an afro or have long silky hair either?
Pff I give up.

Also, I'm after a nice foundation (which I've never worn) or something to give my face a nice glow...Anyone with good tips on where to buy the best black skin beauty products can help?
So yes. "Rollin' and Scratchin' ".

Back to the basics.
I never went to the "Alive 97" tour (even though my dad had offered), I was too much into Blur for that.

Right now, as Mr Oizo kills The Bloody Beetroots; old-school vs new school; the debate continues there.

shirt Beyond Retro
skirt AA
belt primark


D. said...

For your hair: What about braids?
Pour ton teint je te recomandes MAC cosmetics, quoique je vais m'essayer à Bobby Brown.
Tu me donnes envie de faire un petit tour ce week chez AA, surtout ton cardigan, là il me dit bien!

lazydisco said...

C'est vrai qu'il faudrait que j'aille chez Mac, parce que je me suis faite conseiller chez Nocibé sur les produits black'up et j'ai pas été convaincue...

Mille said...

ohh i know exactly how you feel concerning the hair issue... a couple of years back i decided enough was enough, and i haven't had my hair relaxed ever since! it is so much nicer now, especially with the cold weather, haha! my head's always nice and warm while rockin my afro in copenhagen<3

Tinky Minky said...

ce mélange de couleurs c'est superbe! et parfait pour les sombres journées d'hiver! ;-)

Ps : j'ai changé de site!

lazydisco said...

-mille: oh i wish i could stop straightening my hair, but i'd have to wait years for it to go back to normal...and i'm not too patient :)

-tinky minky: aah jolie la nouvelle page, j'hésite aussi a bouger sur wordpress moi...

Phantomas said...

ça n'arrête pas de polémiquer c'est clair... entre French Touch 1.0 vs French Touch 2.0

Anonymous said...

ta chemise est superbe !! bleu associé à du moutarde je n'aurais pas tenté mais tu as bien fait !
le résultat est génial !

lazydisco said...

-phantomas: moi je dis, let's all be friends :)

-melle celine: merci! sympa ton blog!

Natalie said...

I understand what you're saying on the hair front! I stopped using traditional 'grease' and started using carrot oil and other such oils which your hair absorbs better. I use it at night and wear a headscarf to bed, by morning my hair is smooth and shiny and I don't usually have to use anymore oil. Also I retouch more often than I used to because if you leave it too long you damage your hair more with heat appliances trying to get the regrowth to look good!

I second the first commenters Mac for their vast range of shades. But I also have wanted to try Bobbi Brown, I've heard good things.