Friday, 28 November 2008

Daytime intermission

So I disappeared for a few days and I must apologise: technical problems have been making my blogging difficult, but I'm hoping to have the situation back to normal soon.

I have been working at an okay company for the past week, which makes the temping acceptable, and there's no uniform to wear, that means dresses are back on!
It was St Catherine day in France on Tuesday, do you know about it?
It's kind of stupid but anyway, on St Catherine day, all the women aged 25 and still unmarried have to wear some kind of ridiculous hat and parade around in the streets...

I think the tradition is kind of dying now (and it should be really, this is not 1930 anymore) as I didn't see any hat this year, and it's only when my mum came to my house with flowers for me that I remembered.

Shit, I'm 25, and not even engaged! Ha. That prompted me to look at the Cartier 3 gold ring yesterday whilst waking by the store, and dream that maybe, one day...

dress and cardi primark
boots jonak

Monday, 24 November 2008

Bad girls need love too

Ah bon? from dro on Vimeo

Et elles veulent aussi mettre leurs plus belles robes, prolonger la fête jusqu'a plus d'heure, danser toute la nuit, faire couler l'alcool à flots (merci Mariamah!), taper du pied sur Toxic Avenger, faire 'wooohooo!' et 'aww yeahhrrr!', risquer l'eye contact avec des connards, haïr la copine d'autres, se fake crêper le chignon, mettre le feu aux poudres... C'est pourquoi la Useless Party, est en fait, so essential.

See you saturday.
The Toxic Avenger "Bad Girls Need Love Too" (Les Petits Pilous remix)

Friday, 21 November 2008

Daft Punk song of the week: "Rollin and Scratchin"

This mustard skirt I just can't get enough of, my hair on the other hand just drives me crazy.
What do you do when your hair is straightened but still kind of curly and you can't really grow an afro or have long silky hair either?
Pff I give up.

Also, I'm after a nice foundation (which I've never worn) or something to give my face a nice glow...Anyone with good tips on where to buy the best black skin beauty products can help?
So yes. "Rollin' and Scratchin' ".

Back to the basics.
I never went to the "Alive 97" tour (even though my dad had offered), I was too much into Blur for that.

Right now, as Mr Oizo kills The Bloody Beetroots; old-school vs new school; the debate continues there.

shirt Beyond Retro
skirt AA
belt primark

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Violet Pivoine

A simple outfit, for a fun day.

Bunked off work, couldn’t be bothered to go and yet fill some more administrative forms when I’ve studied for 5 fucking years! Why!

Anyway also, I’m kind of glad not to be moving to Amsterdam-did I mention I didn’t get the job? Don’t even want to talk about it, I’m kind of getting used to rejection now. But yeah Paris is good right now, especially since most of my girl-friends are tangled up in some kind of dating nightmare involving 6 people. It’s quite fun being the bystander who gets all the gossip, the juicy bits and the drama.

I’m also deep into DIY for my future flat, hopefully it will be ready for new year’s eve. . .

top and cardigan AA
shorts and ballet pumps primark
ring Swarovski (2006 birthday present from A.B)

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Les Nuits de La Pleine Lune

Saturday is a god day to talk about films don’t you think? Personally, I love Eric Rohmer with a passion-even though I know that some people hate him with as much intensity. My favourite films of his are “Autumn Tale”, “Love in the Afternoon” and “My friend’s boyfriend’s”. I love the characters, the intense dialogues, and the crazy love stories.

But there’s a Rohmer film that tops it all for me, and that’s “Les Nuits de La Pleine Lune” aka “Full Moon in Paris”. It’s set in Paris in the early 80’s and has a delicious Elli and Jacno soundtrack and a very young Fabrice Luchini. . .

To sum it up quickly, in the film, Louise (Pascale Ogier) is torn between peaceful times with her boyfriend in the Parisian suburbs and a more exciting life in the city where she also has an apartment.

Ensue a lot of absurd situations and quiproquos, the essence of the film resides in the scene where Louise starts sobbing uncontrollably: the viewer who knows that the 25th year-old actress died shortly after the film of an heart attack can’t helped but be moved by her fragility... Yeah very uplifiting I know.

If you can’t see the film yet, at least listen to these:

"Les Nuits de la Pleine Lune"

"Toujours les Souvenirs"

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Winter Warmer

Okay I know this dress doesn't exactly screams warmth-and it's rather short, but for some reason I rarely wear it in the summer, I always wait till it gets a bit cold and pair it with thick tights or leggings, and some shorts underneath, just in case...

Some boots, a big coat, and here I am, ready to brave the cold!
I could actually do with a nice hot chocolate now..Hmmmm

Can't believe it's already Xmas in 6 weeks...Are you excited? Why do every year I plan to buy presents in advance but never get round to it?? Bring on the crazy queues in the department stores on the 24th at 6pm...

dress h&m
boots jonak

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Number One

Back in Paris after three short and sweet days in London.

Bad bad weather but lots of good times ( it was A.B's 27th birthday), and only a little bit of shopping. (Primark is so bad for clothes right now)

But thankfully a few weeks ago I had sent Phantomas aka DVNO (“No need to ask my name, to figure out how cool I am!”) on a little AA mission for me during his trip to NYC. And finally I have the mustard skirt I have been longing for! (Coming soon: the perfect sexy black skirt)

blazer h&m
skirt aa
top and shoes primark

Saturday, 8 November 2008


In town for the weekend-so far: primark (of course), rain, francis bacon, photo booth, tea, friends, dalston, fun.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Joyeux anniversaire

So this blog is one year old. Ha! A year has gone past already. This is the first photo I ever posted: Margarita had just cut my hair and I was about to go see !!! play live.

At this time last year I was just starting my MA, and was still living in London and clearly not too happy. I decided to start a blog to go away from my livejournal and all the bitchiness associated to it...

Since then I have made some big decisions that I hope will be the right ones, only time will tell.

In a year I guess the blog itself has not changed much, the focus is still clothes, gossip and fun, and it should stay like that!

I don't have 10,000 readers but through this blog I've made some lovely discoveries, and after making the transition from the internet to real life, I've actually met three exciting and creative people that I hope to keep seeing a lot more in the future, and that's what's important right?

Keep it going!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Daft Punk song of the week: "Steam Machine"

Oh my, it’s Monday already. Thanks to the goodies brought back from Amsterdam, Friday night looked a bit like the “Smack my bitch up” video if you see what I mean.
I would post some pictures but I don’t think my friends would appreciate. So instead, records! This is what I’ve been buying recently. . .

-A Boys Noize Records double whammy: Les Petits Pilous “Wake Up” EP and Shadow Dancer “Cowbois” EP. Superbly banging, oh and if anyone has a copy of the Petits Pilous 1st EP to sell, let me know!

-Aphex Twin “Windowlicker”: Because it is still a classic and you could play it anywhere and people would love it.

-Jean Nipon “Wild at heart” and High Powered Boys “Sounds of Cain”: I said I would stay away from Institubes but I failed, sorry!

Good music blogs I’ve started reading recently, go to Electrocasts and Brrln for fresssh sounds.

Tomorrow night, go Obama?