Monday, 13 October 2008

One more time

Oh my, so warm and sunny at the moment, I guess it's still ok to pull out the floral dress then?
On the negative side, bad bad hair days right now, hence the vague ponytail.
Guess what, I went to London at the weekend, just like that, on a whim, I decided to escape and surprise A.B on friday night.
The three days passed too quickly, I just had enough time to see a couple of friends, and spend 1h in a extremely crowded Primark, from which I disappointingly came back almost empty handed, spare for a couple of jumpers and lots of tights and socks.

I did get something hot from aa though!

dress primark
vest aa
boots jonak


la fée said...

tu veux pas m'emmener avec toi la prochaine fois promis je me fais toute petite et je vous embête pas !!!!!!!!! très jolie robe, ça te va trop bien les robes d'ailleurs, sinon t'es free samedi?

lazydisco said...

bah oui viens la prochaine fois on se fera du shopping a gogo!
yesss pour samedi!xxx

Neyzia said...

Love this dress Ah la la PRIMARK me manque lol!!!

Nat&Dieg said...

was soo nice hanging out! xxxx

lazydisco said...

neyzia: ha! j'y ai rien trouvé par contre ce weekend, sniff

-lazy ones: yeahhrr i know! was a bit short though :((