Wednesday, 15 October 2008

J'ai pas sommeil

In life, there are three things that I love with no shame at the moment: American Apparel+ Sexuality+ Sébastien Tellier
Well what happens when these exact three things meet?

The result, to help the promotion of the Sexuality LP in the aa shops, is a sexy line of soft vests and tee-shirts,(also comes in white) preferably to be worn as dresses; really pieces of clothing only there to be taken off at the end of the night listening to hot tunes and drinking Amaretto...

Sexuali-tee aa
necklace h&m

-Sébastien Tellier "Roche" (Kavinsky remix)
"Kilometer" (Donovan remix)


I Do Love Me said...

Ton style te va à ravir!!!
Continue comme ça!!!


like this look a lot
sommeil is overrated anyhow

*clin d'oeil*

lazydisco said...

-i do love me: merci, je vais tacher de faire de mon mieux!

-textsyles: thank you so much :)