Thursday, 30 October 2008

Dear Boyfriend

Nah, not you. I mean the jeans.

I think I am just a big fashion follower and actually I don’r really care. When skinny jeans got cool I immediately starting wearing them, my favourite pair was actually the Primark skinny high-waisted ones, but after I lost 10 kilos it was impossible to wear them without looking a bit dumb so I had to sell them on ebay.

I guess I wasn’t too crazy about the flares though. I bought a pair that is still waiting at the bottom of my cupboard, to be worn one day.

But I quite like this boyfriend jeans phase-the name itself makes me laugh, it implies that you should just grab the first pair of jeans that belongs to your boyfriend and wear it like that. Well, what do you do when your lover only wears Cheap Mondays 1 size below yours, hmm?

Like me, you can go check out this pair in h&m trend, I think dark denim suits me better.
Oh yeah I bought these yesterday while I was out and about in freezing Amsterdam.

Before you start wondering what the hell I was doing in Amsterdam for just one day, well I had a job interview which I think went ok (fingers crossed!) but also lots of spare time to go shopping/drink a million coffees/enjoy the scenery/come back with mushrooms.


Tomorrow, come to this?

top and jeans h&m

shoes André


la fée said...

il te va trop bien ton boyfriend ma belle et avec ce top c'est top ok je sors un peu pourri mon jeu de mots bon et moi aussi j'ai mes fingers crossed for toi

Phantomas said...

à domanii

lazydisco said...

-la fée: enfin un boyfriend qui vit dans la même ville que moi! :)

-phantomas: yeahhrr a ce soir!

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

hope you get the job!

mademoiselleb said...

Elle est top ta tenue !

lazydisco said...

-taryn: thanks! it would be great to finally get a 'real' job :)

-mademoiselle b: merci beaucoup!

nv said...

that lace top is gorgeousssss!

MarionRocks said...

j'adoreeee ton haut en dentelle !!!
je l'ai jamais vu dans mes H&M :'(
merci pour ton commentaire :)
PS le site KidzByColette est fermé, la suite est sur ;)

lazydisco said...

est tu sur paris?
hier j'en ai vu plein au h&m rue de rivoli, y'a aussi la jupe et même la robe dans le même veine...