Thursday, 30 October 2008

Dear Boyfriend

Nah, not you. I mean the jeans.

I think I am just a big fashion follower and actually I don’r really care. When skinny jeans got cool I immediately starting wearing them, my favourite pair was actually the Primark skinny high-waisted ones, but after I lost 10 kilos it was impossible to wear them without looking a bit dumb so I had to sell them on ebay.

I guess I wasn’t too crazy about the flares though. I bought a pair that is still waiting at the bottom of my cupboard, to be worn one day.

But I quite like this boyfriend jeans phase-the name itself makes me laugh, it implies that you should just grab the first pair of jeans that belongs to your boyfriend and wear it like that. Well, what do you do when your lover only wears Cheap Mondays 1 size below yours, hmm?

Like me, you can go check out this pair in h&m trend, I think dark denim suits me better.
Oh yeah I bought these yesterday while I was out and about in freezing Amsterdam.

Before you start wondering what the hell I was doing in Amsterdam for just one day, well I had a job interview which I think went ok (fingers crossed!) but also lots of spare time to go shopping/drink a million coffees/enjoy the scenery/come back with mushrooms.


Tomorrow, come to this?

top and jeans h&m

shoes André

Monday, 27 October 2008

That was friday night...

...and I was in a good mood bb. Which meant drinks+ friends+ good music= happiness.

Egyptian Lover at the Social Club was really banging and I had a massive lol time with Caroline and Cécile.
The next morning though, the cheap rum had certainly had an effect on my head, oh no, hangover time, it'd been a while though. Still, I met up with La Fée in the afternoon and we went to check out this new cupcake place in Paris. Yum!You had a good weekend?

dress h&m
jacket primark
tights h&m

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Road to Recovery

Comment ca c’est l’automne ? Moi j’ai pas encore remarqué, y’a quelques jours je me baladais en t-shirt à 22h pour satisfaire une furieuse envie de clopes devant « Gossip Girl ».
La vie sans tabac, j’ai tenu 1 semaine, suite au prochain épisode.

Et puis l’automne ça veux pas aussi dire feuilles mortes qui craquent ? Ronronnement du chat près de feu de cheminée qui crépite ? Cornet de marrons chauds quand la nuit tombe ?

Tout ça ben moi j’ai pas vraiment le temps d’en profiter, à cause de mon taf alimentaire à la con qui me prend le chou 5 jours sur 7.

De toute façon j’aime pas les marrons et la seule personne avec laquelle je pourrais batifoler devant la cheminée habite de l’autre côté de la Manche. Nonsense.

Tout ça pour dire, besoin de tout, envie de …rien. H&M est plutôt blah en ce moment, New Look j’y ai renoncé (sauf pour les pompes) depuis 2005, Zara m’inspire pas, Freepstar, j’ai la flemme, même Primark m’a déçue y’a 2 semaines.

Du coup, on recycle, on prend les mêmes, mon Sexuali-tee je l'adore: on adapte et on recommence. De toute façon si j’avais le budget pour renouveler ma garde-robe toutes les semaines ça se saurait.

A place, causons donc « Gossip Girl », je lance le débat, Chuck, Nate ou Dan ? Answers on a postcard please.

Sexuali-tee AA

Blazer h&m men

Monday, 20 October 2008

Flower Power

Okay the weather was like so, nice and stuff at the beginning of the week.
It doesn't mean my parisian life doesn't still suck a bit, mostly because of the job situation, also a little bit due to the fact that I have to live the single life half of the month and, blah, I still haven't been able to drag my ass to a gym.But hey! I went for a job interview last week and this is what I wore.

Don't try this at home kids: I did not get the job.
Anyway, their loss!

top aa
hips-enhancing type of skirt primark
shoes new look

Friday, 17 October 2008


I think my music taste has evolved in the strangest of ways.

When I was 7 I loved NKOTB, Janet Jackson and only cared for my mum and dad's 7" records. (Technotronic, Womack and Womack, Black Box, Paula Abdul etc...)

In the early 90's, being a euro-kid I obviously fell for euro-dance: Corona, 2Unlimited, you know the drill.

Then around 96 I saw a Blur video and became a britpop kid big time, by the time I moved to London in 2001 I guess I was just an indie kid and I loved Pavement, Les Savy Fav and Shellac.

In 2002 there was electroclash: Fischerspooner, Adult, Ladytron.

In 2004 I was spending my whole time buying punk/post-punk records.

In 2005 for some reason I became crazy about disco, french coldwave, synth, new wave and anything related.

Now I just love BANGERRRRRRS. People take the piss and say all I listen to is french music..blah, I don't care!

It's weird because sometimes I listen to something and love it straight away, then a few weeks later I can't stand it anymore and think it's really really bad; recent examples include MGMT, Vampire Weekend and Calvin Harris: they have now been completely wiped from my ipod.

Then there's things I love from the 1st time I hear it and still adore: Midnight Juggernauts, Boys Noize, the Sexuality LP...

Finally there's stuff people keep raving about and I still haven't heard one note from them and you know what, I'm really not intending to: Micky Green, Ladyhawke, Late of the Pier, Foals, blablabla, crapcrapcrap.

Anyway yeahhr, all this to say, go home, listen to the new Mr Oizo and relax.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

J'ai pas sommeil

In life, there are three things that I love with no shame at the moment: American Apparel+ Sexuality+ Sébastien Tellier
Well what happens when these exact three things meet?

The result, to help the promotion of the Sexuality LP in the aa shops, is a sexy line of soft vests and tee-shirts,(also comes in white) preferably to be worn as dresses; really pieces of clothing only there to be taken off at the end of the night listening to hot tunes and drinking Amaretto...

Sexuali-tee aa
necklace h&m

-Sébastien Tellier "Roche" (Kavinsky remix)
"Kilometer" (Donovan remix)

Monday, 13 October 2008

One more time

Oh my, so warm and sunny at the moment, I guess it's still ok to pull out the floral dress then?
On the negative side, bad bad hair days right now, hence the vague ponytail.
Guess what, I went to London at the weekend, just like that, on a whim, I decided to escape and surprise A.B on friday night.
The three days passed too quickly, I just had enough time to see a couple of friends, and spend 1h in a extremely crowded Primark, from which I disappointingly came back almost empty handed, spare for a couple of jumpers and lots of tights and socks.

I did get something hot from aa though!

dress primark
vest aa
boots jonak

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Live fast die young

No I'm not into one of these moods, I'm actually quite cheerful at the moment, even though I have the shittiest temping job ever and pay day is still not quite close enough.
I have studied for 5 years, when will it finally pay off?!
But back on the shallow topic of shoes, let's talk about these low-boots from h& and chic! God I've just realised how big my size 7 feet look now.

The zipper makes them look quite fierce already, so I think a black skirt and comfy plain jumper is quite enough...

jumper aa
shoes h&m

Monday, 6 October 2008

"Nice day for a sulk"

Since I've moved back to Paris I really never look forward to Sundays, I don't really like the ritual of going to have lunch with your family every single week, yet I find being alone on a Sunday night mildly depressing. I guess with my bf on the other side of the Channel I'll have to get used to it.Yesterday I woke up really fresh since I had gone to bed at 11pm the night before, after a good take-away and Truffaut movies under the duvet. Getting up on a cold and rainy day is bad enough, but hungover on a cold and rainy Sunday is even worse.
I still plucked up some courage to get dressed, put on my new poseur wayfarer glasses (oh i know) and go outside.
I actually had quite a nice day: coffee with a friend in Montmartre, time to read the papers, a glossy magazine, some sweet macaroons. (pistachio, salted butter caramel, lemon and white chocolate, hummmmm)

On the walk back home after I picked up a guerande salt-flavoured baguette (hello gentrification) I saw an old crush from my indie days of the mid-90's and that actually put me in a good mood for the rest of the evening.

dress primark
tights h&m
shoes new look
'wayfarers' ebay

Friday, 3 October 2008

A day in Versailles...

Aaah Versailles, isn't it a fabulous place to spend a day, especially when the last sun rays of September are out?
Me and A.B decided to take a trip there last weekend, mostly because we were very curious about the Jeff Koons exhibition.

No we didn't bring a ton of macaroons to fool around in the gardens so I will spare you the whole Marie-Antoinette thing and instead show off my new dress....

...and also the hat I randomly picked up in h&m men when I was in Brussels two weeks ago.
I think the hat suits me but so many hipsters wear it here I might have to give it up... What do you think?

Kind of hating my life this week: crap temping jobs where I start very early in the morning and on the way there I feel like listening to "Stress" and just like in the video, kick some tourists that block the escalators and cause damage in the depressing suburban trains...

outfit everything h&m!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

"Love is to share, mine is for you"

Because it was 3 years ago on a dancefloor.
Because you asked me for a lighter and instead you got my phone number.
Because you made me laugh.
Because we had ups and downs.
Because we decided to make it work again.
Because it's you!