Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Good times

Despite the really really bad weather in London at the weekend we still made it to one party, woo!

But first I got to spend time with my favourite cat of the moment aka Gigi!

After some time in Dalston where it was just me, again, hanging out with a bunch of boys (2 of whom I've dated, and one that is my bf, lol) we went to the bethnal green party which made feel a bit claustrophobic because the scary lift was the only way to get in and out.

It was pretty banging, Roy was djing, Ben was smoking all my fags and Otis was being very generous.
The party shut early so at 3.30 we looked for somewhere else to go, but no luck. Oh well, it was still fun, and made me wonder why there are no warehouse parties in Paris?

Went to bed at 6am after a last coke zero and a cigarette, still not tired.
2 days later, back in Paris, time to get serious about the jobhunting, c'est la rentrée!
Blazer Urban Outfitter's vintage (A.B's)
Yeahhrr vest by the lazy ones
Shorts Zara


I heart milk said...

I like the Blazer, Really like it.

Anonymous said...

alors maintenant que tu reviens à paname les soirées londoniennes te manquent... bin quelle surprise.
by the way, si vous voulez des post cards il me faut des adresses valides...

lazydisco said...

-i heart milk: thanks!the boy wont give it to me tho :)

-katy: haha bah non mais ca fait du bien de se retourner la tete dans une soirée bien crade des fois...

Anonymous said...


Also, why are there no warehouse parties in Dublin???

lazydisco said...

is there any old warehouses in dublin though? cos in paris i can't think of any!