Monday, 22 September 2008

Dirty Boots

Paris at the moment: cold, stressful because I still haven't found a job, but also fun, especially when there's parties to get all dressed up for.
Also, A.B is here for a week, we're gonna go to Palais de Tokyo, see the Jeff Koons exhibition at Versailles, party a bit, maybe a day in Normandy, whatever happens.

Is it too early to start wearing a winter coat? But it's freezing!

Goo t-shirt ebay
skirt primark
waistcoat beyond retro
shoes $4 thrift store in long island


Mario at Eugénie's said...

I like the last photo with the cigarette

lazydisco said...

merciiii!i should quit soon though :)

ray said...

cool wearing my winter coat already! xx


j'adore l'ensemble pour l'automne
it's all about choices n layering



Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

that vest and shirt is so gangster lady!

lazydisco said...

-textstyles: merci! i need that now, it's getting sooo cold!

-taryn: haha thanks, i hadnt worn that waistcoat in ages, still looks good!

Styleseeking Zurich said...

Ahhh you have so many great things from Primark. When I was in London two months ago I picked up some really nice items there but had to queue for like an hour or so at every checkout on every floor. It was incredibly crowded so I left everything and the store so frustrated to have a smoke. :(