Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Daft Punk song of the week: "Together"

...ok not strictly Daft Punk, but more Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon. Love love love, pure joy. The track kind of makes me feel like the image above.

I have lots of new outfits to show, but...
-I'm living between two flats
-I'm doing crappy temping jobs till late in the evening
-My laptop is in repair

So instead of talking about clothes I will tell you two things:
I'm very excited about the 8th of october when not only the Philippe Garrel film with his delicious son Louis comes out, but also the new Woody Allen with Javier Bardem, P. Cruz and Scarlett J. How amazing is that?

And on Saturday I'm gonna take A.B along with some friends dance to some music played by some people that I haven't heard before, and it all sounds promising and sexy. Come if you are in Paris. Fressshhh!
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Phantomas said...

merci merci mademoiselle
désolé de mon silence, je suis über busy en ce moment
un truc de malades
si si

lazydisco said...

no worried!j'espère que le mémoire est bien avancé, à demain xx

Nat&Dieg said...

oi! I went to see Vicky Cristina Barcelona with my mum and it was soooo bad "cringing almost!!!

lazydisco said...

arrgh at least i hope javier bardem still looks hot!