Monday, 1 September 2008

Daft Punk song of the week: "Crescendolls"

C'est la rentrée! Le moment idéal pour se remettre à la recherche de nouvelles pépites musicales.

Last music purchases, I really need to take my turntable out of storage!
"After Dark": the mythic Italians do it Better compilation finally got released on vinyl, perfect spacey disco, I really like the Farah track that's sung in Persian...

"Tropicalia": I thought it was seriously time that I got more into Brazilian music, don't you think?
Bobmo "Let's go Bobmo!" ep: Woo! Yeahhr seriously banging.

Other music events to look forward to: Phantomas' residencies at the O.P.A and Java, Institubes vs Boys Noize, maybe the Sébastien Tellier gig, not even that gutted that I'm missing Ed Banger vs Radio Soulwax...

Have you got any good bangers to recommend??


Margot said...

Bobmo!!!! Trop bien! Tu sais qu'il vient de Bdx?! Je l'ai déjà vu mixer et c'est vachement bien. Tu connais Adam Kesher je suppose et ça, c'est mon gros coup de coeur!

Miss Woo said...

Oooh yay After Dark in Vinyl! Awesome. Its my life ambition to get all the Italians Do It Better catalogue Though I have no deck at the mom so am still sadly sticking to CD :(

lazydisco said...

-margot: haha ce cher bobmo,un petit rigolo n'est ce pas?? adam kesher je connais de nom mais je n'ai jamais ecoute, faudrait que je me lance!

-miss woo: such a good label isnt it??i think it's the best at the moment!