Monday, 29 September 2008

Shake your tambourine

No I still haven't got rid of that bloody gym bag, I really can't find anything exciting in the shops at the moment though.
Oh yes, boots, so hot right now. I'm really jealous of Cécile's tan leather Mellow Yellow boots.

What's also hot, pictures, a bit drunken, or involving drinks. Good times, with friends, bring it on.

Last week was actually really really good. A.B came to Paris, had to work for 3 days, then we just had the whole time to hang out, drink, shop, see exhibitions, dance to silly music and get merry.I wore my new h&m high heels and they didn't even hurt, chouette.
And what about the indian summer! The weather was so nice on sunday everybody was out to play and I had to queue for 15 minutes for my 0% frozen yogurt from My Berry...

outfits h&m, aa

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Daft Punk song of the week: "Together"

...ok not strictly Daft Punk, but more Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon. Love love love, pure joy. The track kind of makes me feel like the image above.

I have lots of new outfits to show, but...
-I'm living between two flats
-I'm doing crappy temping jobs till late in the evening
-My laptop is in repair

So instead of talking about clothes I will tell you two things:
I'm very excited about the 8th of october when not only the Philippe Garrel film with his delicious son Louis comes out, but also the new Woody Allen with Javier Bardem, P. Cruz and Scarlett J. How amazing is that?

And on Saturday I'm gonna take A.B along with some friends dance to some music played by some people that I haven't heard before, and it all sounds promising and sexy. Come if you are in Paris. Fressshhh!
Click click sur free your mind pour plus d'infos.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Dirty Boots

Paris at the moment: cold, stressful because I still haven't found a job, but also fun, especially when there's parties to get all dressed up for.
Also, A.B is here for a week, we're gonna go to Palais de Tokyo, see the Jeff Koons exhibition at Versailles, party a bit, maybe a day in Normandy, whatever happens.

Is it too early to start wearing a winter coat? But it's freezing!

Goo t-shirt ebay
skirt primark
waistcoat beyond retro
shoes $4 thrift store in long island

Friday, 19 September 2008

"What you're gonna do for me?"

Not feeling very inspired by my wardrobe at the moment, not sure why. Or maybe it is because most of my clothes have been in storage for the past year?
I can't wait to finally move into my flat, still don't know when that's gonna happen, it'd be good to settle properly, open all the carboard boxes, arrange all my books and records....
Speaking of which, since all my vinyls are put away, I had completely forgotten about the Miss Kittin track "Requiem for a hit"...OMG such a banger! ("I'll beat that bitch with a hit"!)
Damn I really need a new bag, even in Paris people don't wear the gym bag anymore, blah.

t-shirt aa
blazer found
scarf and shoes primark
jeans cheap monday (i fit into a.b's jeans woo!)

Monday, 15 September 2008

L'école est finie!

Moi ce que je préférais a l'école, c'était l'heure de la récré, pas vous?

Le moment idéal pour échanger quelques blagues avec les copains, manger plein de bonbons, et dans mon cas, vendre des chewing-gum achetés le matin même...Bah oui j'avais déja le sens des affaires.

Enfin heureusement que depuis je me suis un peu calmée sur les Petits Prince, maintenant je préfère faire la chasse aux produits de beauté. En ce moment, je marche au mascara Virtuose de Lancôme, et puis un rouge à lèvres Chanel.
A part ça, un coup de blush et je suis prête.
C'est quoi vos produits de beauté chouchous?

cardigan blanco (bought in Barcelona)
shorts zara
boris bergmann pas encore lu

Friday, 12 September 2008

Last summer days

We are quite lucky in Paris at the moment, with the sun still shining, it's barbecue weather!
I thought it'd be a good idea to wear a short skirt with no tights and my gladiator sandals, probably for the last time...
Sorry about the bad hair situation, it's kind of a mess at the moment and I can't really do else to it at the moment. I hate my big forehead! My mum used to say it's like that because I'm really intelligent, A.B just takes the piss and says it reminds him of the world cup... (thanks!!)

I'm kind of impatient for the weather to get a bit cold though, so I can start wearing my boots and hot tights again...

vest and skirt AA
belt primark
sandals some shop in the 6th
bracelet h&m

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Good times

Despite the really really bad weather in London at the weekend we still made it to one party, woo!

But first I got to spend time with my favourite cat of the moment aka Gigi!

After some time in Dalston where it was just me, again, hanging out with a bunch of boys (2 of whom I've dated, and one that is my bf, lol) we went to the bethnal green party which made feel a bit claustrophobic because the scary lift was the only way to get in and out.

It was pretty banging, Roy was djing, Ben was smoking all my fags and Otis was being very generous.
The party shut early so at 3.30 we looked for somewhere else to go, but no luck. Oh well, it was still fun, and made me wonder why there are no warehouse parties in Paris?

Went to bed at 6am after a last coke zero and a cigarette, still not tired.
2 days later, back in Paris, time to get serious about the jobhunting, c'est la rentrée!
Blazer Urban Outfitter's vintage (A.B's)
Yeahhrr vest by the lazy ones
Shorts Zara

Saturday, 6 September 2008

A week in Sardinia...

...Or what it's like to holiday in Southern Europe as a black couple.

So shall I start this with a bit of a rant? Or maybe point out the good bits first? The scenery, the food, the beaches that was all lovely.
But then....How come it is still possible in 2008 to travel to certain places and get looked up and down, sometimes with surprise, sometimes with just plain disgust, just because you are black?? I mean fuck! In 2006 we had already had a few stares when we went to Mallorca and also Florence, but nothing compared to this.Why are some people such bigots?

It didn't spoil the holiday majorly because we still had fun, but it has certainly curbed our enthusiasm for Mediterranean vacations for a while.
Next year, we'll go Ghana!

Monday, 1 September 2008

Daft Punk song of the week: "Crescendolls"

C'est la rentrée! Le moment idéal pour se remettre à la recherche de nouvelles pépites musicales.

Last music purchases, I really need to take my turntable out of storage!
"After Dark": the mythic Italians do it Better compilation finally got released on vinyl, perfect spacey disco, I really like the Farah track that's sung in Persian...

"Tropicalia": I thought it was seriously time that I got more into Brazilian music, don't you think?
Bobmo "Let's go Bobmo!" ep: Woo! Yeahhr seriously banging.

Other music events to look forward to: Phantomas' residencies at the O.P.A and Java, Institubes vs Boys Noize, maybe the Sébastien Tellier gig, not even that gutted that I'm missing Ed Banger vs Radio Soulwax...

Have you got any good bangers to recommend??