Tuesday, 5 August 2008

In bed with TTC

I said I'd do a post about TTC one day right? Well TTC are like one of my favourite bands ever, not sure why to be honest, beacause they are one fucking rude bunch of guys: their songs are full of misogynistic lyrics about girls, sometimes in the most crude way.
But at the same time, take a good look at them, how can they really be taken seriously? I think deep down they just love women too much.If you don't understand French it's hard to realise to what extent their lyrics are gross: it's all about periods in "Du Sang sur le Dancefloor" ("Blood on the dancefloor"), prostitutes and smelly girls in "Suce Moi Sale Pute" ("Blow me you bitch"-yes I'm aware of all the google pervs this post is going to attract) or sex on photocopiers in "Girlfriends".
Speaking of "Girlfriends", I don't think I've ever been at a gig where I've seen so many girls get on stage at the singer's request-boy it was sweaty up there.Their beats are so good though it's hard to resist! And they can do light-hearted too, check out the remix of "Travailler" by Orgasmic, all about having fun and chillin with merguez and couscous. A.B says I'm obssessed with TTC, but their songs are perfect for any occasion: the gym, shopping, party time, you name it. Ok I'll thrown in another couple of mp3's before I get sued or something. Relax and enjoy.

-TTC feat Modeselektor "Dancingbox"
-TEPR feat Cuizinier "Chantez!"


Marion said...

TTC toujours ds mn i pod!!!

lazydisco said...

clair!moi j'apprécie particulièrement pendant mes séances de gym :)

hansaxel said...

... congrats!! smart girls love TTC... they don't mind the super-macho lyrics - they know it's just for fun!
Love TTC!!

lazydisco said...

hmm it's something like that,i guess....