Friday, 29 August 2008

Summer blues


I've barely left for my Sardinian holidays, but I'm already feeling nostalgic about this summer, so I thought I'd just reminisce once more, before it's time to start thinking about the autumn wardrobe...

These last two months have been good, I finished uni, wrote a dissertation, turned 25, moved back to Paris and started it all from scratch again with A.B. Phew, it's certainly been eventful.

But I'm like a kid, for me, in September, everything gets serious again! Time to get a real job, move into my new flat, get a a driving license..busy times ahead!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

En bleu et en blanc


The cold weather this week made me take out my old battered jeans from the closet-this is when I realised that I had never done a jeans outfit on this blog, I must say I rarely wear denim...


But paired with these comfy wedges and cute accessories I'm already liking them more!

jeans h&m
top decathlon (bought sometimes in the mid-90's by my mum)
sunglasses oxford st
necklace birthday present from A.B
shoes primark

Friday, 22 August 2008

Shopping Primarkien-suite et fin.

Ok this is the last bit of my purchases from my London trip two weeks ago. I hesitated a lot before buying it, I thought it was a bit too kawaii or it looked like I was in a Gwen Stefani video or something.

Then I went back to Primark a second time and thought, fuck it, I'm buying it!

What do you reckon? Cute or a bit too much?

Speaking of London, I will be there again in 5 days before hitting Sardinia with A.B for a week of sunbathing and sexy alfresco meals-possibly.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Nouvelle jupe

Oh Paris, you are so quiet in August and I had never realised it properly.Hanging out in an empty town is not bad though, I'm just spending time with the girls, drinking, smoking, eating good food-I mean working on my diet.How's your (end of) summer?

skirt and scarf Primark
t-shirt AA

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Shopping time!

No I didn't come back from London empty-handed, but my budget was limited to Primark prices... And you know what, I don't really care, I love it! And the best thing is that at least in Paris no-one else wears it.

So the first purchase was: the "Edge of Love" style dress, and grey shoes.
This is how I'm thinking I'm gonna wear it: with a slouchy cardigan and A.B's fake Mulberry satchel that he bought in Shangai and I wished was mine very much but he won't give it to me!This post-dissertation time is really strange, I find myself feeling quite empty now. After a rather uneventful week in London due to the bad weather (meaning lots of dvd watching, cooking extravagant meals-not bad actually), I am back in Paris with only one goal, toning up before I hit the beach in Sardinia in 2 weeks.
Find me at a gym near you everyday!

More to come from Primarni: a funny dress, and the perfect autumn skirt.

dress and shoes Primark (£22 for both)
cardigan AA
satchel "Mulberry" from Shangai
sunglasses random seller on oxford street

Monday, 11 August 2008

Stupid problems

Ok it's silly and I know I talk about this shop way too much, but what do you think of the new AA leotard with the zip that's been seen around many blogs...?I like it, but I can't decide between which colour!
The white? Or the black?
I think the black one.. Or maybe both, depending on my overdraft!

so what you never take pics of clothes you try on so you can think about it later??

Friday, 8 August 2008

How to wear....AA

Unpredictable London weather, as usual, so as the moment I'm not very inspired for outfits: sometimes head to toe American Apparel is all I can come up with.

It helps that A.B has a vast collection of AA items, which means I can just pick and choose. That morning, a pale green t-shirt and a cardigan.

A.B doesn't even wear AA anymore, he has now moved on to a 1960's British look-the proof:

Everything AA
Belt and pendant h&m
Glasses ebay (A.B's too)

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

In bed with TTC

I said I'd do a post about TTC one day right? Well TTC are like one of my favourite bands ever, not sure why to be honest, beacause they are one fucking rude bunch of guys: their songs are full of misogynistic lyrics about girls, sometimes in the most crude way.
But at the same time, take a good look at them, how can they really be taken seriously? I think deep down they just love women too much.If you don't understand French it's hard to realise to what extent their lyrics are gross: it's all about periods in "Du Sang sur le Dancefloor" ("Blood on the dancefloor"), prostitutes and smelly girls in "Suce Moi Sale Pute" ("Blow me you bitch"-yes I'm aware of all the google pervs this post is going to attract) or sex on photocopiers in "Girlfriends".
Speaking of "Girlfriends", I don't think I've ever been at a gig where I've seen so many girls get on stage at the singer's request-boy it was sweaty up there.Their beats are so good though it's hard to resist! And they can do light-hearted too, check out the remix of "Travailler" by Orgasmic, all about having fun and chillin with merguez and couscous. A.B says I'm obssessed with TTC, but their songs are perfect for any occasion: the gym, shopping, party time, you name it. Ok I'll thrown in another couple of mp3's before I get sued or something. Relax and enjoy.

-TTC feat Modeselektor "Dancingbox"
-TEPR feat Cuizinier "Chantez!"

Friday, 1 August 2008

In London

Dudes!I'm like, back in London for a week and a half. After handing in my dissertation, I don't really have any plans, apart from partying for a bit to celebrate my freedom from uni, candlelit dinners with A.B, obviously shopping in Primark and hanging out with my good buddies.When the weather is so hot like this I start to lose inspiration for outfits...Anyone else has started daydreaming about their winter wardrobe?

At the Respect party on the Concorde-Atlantique on wednesday (Feadz!Dj Mehdi! Midnight Juggernauts!) there were some nice outfits that I wish I had photographed, that could have happened if I hadn't been so shy and er, drunk. Phantomas was wearing a cool t-shirt and trainers and that made me think maybe I could start a boy-style section, it would be a bit like Monday's Manjoyment, except with boys that I don't have a crush on. Oh wait, but maybe I do have a crush on them.

I must thank my sister for letting me raid her wardrobe because I don't know how I would have survived without these shorts. I just hope that when she returns to her flat on Monday she doesn't notice that I've taken them to London....:)

t-shirt AA
shorts Zara
shoes New Look