Saturday, 5 July 2008

The Lazy Ones Yeahhrr!

The Lazy Ones= Diego and Nat.
In London I only have a handful of very good friends (
you know the kind of friends you can call at 3am and say 'my boyfriend has dumped me!/my house has been broken into!) and these two are part of them.Purveyors of the freshest gossip in town and excellent at cooking tapas (well they are from Spain) meant that their house was always one of the cosiest.
But not only!They make clothes, brilliant dresses, skirts, tops and blouses favoured by the finest A-list celebrities.
Remember this skirt?
When I was still a Londoner hanging out in the shop was one of my favourite activities: Pete Doherty buying a dress for Kate, the odd Alexa Chung or Miquita, Gael fucking Garcia Bernal.... (
remember the time I took the day off work cos he had promised to come back??)
Anyway, all this to say, go check out their shop at 102 Sclater Street off Brick Lane, or their Topshop concessions at Oxford Circus but also Cambridge. Coming soon to Topshop in NYC!
In the meantime, also check out their website.

One of the dresses below has just been given kindly given to me and I think it'll be perfect for my upcoming birthday party. Can you guess which one? Teasing, teasing.


pipelette said...

l'orange non? elle est terrible. C'est marrant j'étais déjà tombée sur ce site et j'avais bien aimé. Ah, si les parisiens avaient la folie des londoniens, juste un peu!!!

lazydisco said...

ahah l'orange elle était pas mal non plus c'est vrai,mais quand même, repartir avec 2 robes sous le bras, faut pas abuser :)

AfroK said...

I'll go for the pink one ;-)
Lucky you, fabulous clothes !!

lazydisco said...

et non mauvaise pioche! allez je dévoilerais tout très bientot...

Jillian said...

I love your blog- you've got great style

lazydisco said...

hey thanks,your blog is cool too!

ray said...

wow there all gorgous you lucky girlxx


Hi from Paris stylish girl

je parle français ou anglais ? lol
allez, va pourl'anglais !

I try to find time to alert stylish blogs and colleagues like yours that the Paris fashion week is over : alléluia ! and that i just posted a best of fashion week shoes that could inspire you.
Please don't collapse ! lol
i hope you'll like

i've been proposed to create a fashion magazine in Paris as i wrote it in my blog (lots of volunteers ! lol). Let's keep in touch and exchange links !

I wish you a wonderful day


lazydisco said...

-ray: yep it definitely is an asset to have friends making great clothes :)

-kamel: franglais?! j'aime beaucoup tes romans photo,a bientot!


super !
mon français est meilleur que mon anglais

merci pour le compliemnt et le lien
je m'en vais rajouter le tien aussi vite
ps : peux-tu juste rajouter Paris à la fin ?
merci beaucoup

j'ai besoin d'une info : tu voyages régulièrement à Londres ? qu'y fais-tu ?

merci et au plaisir de te lire


Honeymoon said...

U r a fashion addict ! If u want, I invite u to come to see some of the most beautiful heels, dresses and bags of the Paris fashion week !

See u !

lazydisco said...

-kamel: et ben en fait je viens juste de quitte londres après 7 ans..mais bon j'y retourne tous les mois pour aller voir mon chéri!

-honeymoon: fashion addict?just a bit :)

Anonymous said...

omg karine we miss you!!!!!!!!!
is pipilette rubbishing us???

lazydisco said...

haha no she says she likes u!!

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

you're blessed to have friends like that

lazydisco said...

i know,because it can be hard to make real friends when you move to a new city...

Miss Woo said...

Is it the red one? Or the yellow one with the nice (floral print?) Or the rather tempting array of black dresses on the left? Oh they are all so nice...I can't possibly guess.

lazydisco said...

yesssss it's the floral one!pics soon!