Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Let's make a hit


Slightly back into shopping mode, I got this shirt and belt while out and about with the lovely
La Fée. I love the shirt but I made the mistake of wearing it out at a club that had no air con and boy I was so hot it was verging the unbearable.
Apart from the heat, Paris is cool, as planned I went to listen to the Bobmo bangers ("Lava Lava!) last thursday; I skipped Glass Candy the next day though and stayed in to watch "27 Dresses" on my laptop-sometimes you need a good romcom to cheer you up, and took my hot heels to the Useless Party on saturday which was fun fun fun.Right now everybody's talking about the AA t-shirt that changes colour with the heat, anyone has tried it?

Shirt and belt

Shorts Primark

Necklace birthday present from A.B

Fake wayfarers ebay

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Parisian Kids!

These guys really deserved a post all about themselves because they were totally awesome.
I bumped into them whilst strolling in Bastille, A.B was trying on a checked blazer in a vintage shop and they walked in looking for red Doc Martens.
How amazing are they? They were totally relaxed too and said they had their photo taken everyday. My favourite is the little one with the black leather jacket that totally looks like Xavier from Justice's mini-me.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Night Mode

Le weekend commence tôt cette semaine à Paris, en plus le beau temps est de retour, moi ça me met de bonne humeur, pas toi?

Enfin du coup demain soir je vais aller shaker mon booty au Social Club sur les sons du jeune Bobmo (même si mon mec m'a défendu d'y aller, blah, même pas peur!).

Vendredi je vais sortir ma plus belle robe noire pour aller écouter Glass Candy au err, Social Club, décidement, heureusement que je squatte l'appart de ma soeur a Grands-Boulevards.

Et puis last but not least, samedi soir pour la soirée de clôture de la Java pour l'été, je profite de la coupe de champagne pas chère a l'occasion de la Useless party, organisée par l'ami Free Your Mind.
Viens danser sur
[T]ÉKËL, Remote et Dye où quand les meilleurs labels se rencontrent pour une soirée décadante.

Shorts Zara
Cardigan Primark
Clutch h&m
Shoes André

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The perfect birthday party dress

So I turned 25 at the weekend and it was fun! A.B came to stay for a few days and I drunk lots of champagne and spent time with some of my best friends. Diego and Nat aka The Lazy Ones had provided me with this little dress before I left London and I knew it was going to be perfect for my birthday party.The dress at 8pm:At 12am:

At 2am:At 6am: Still standing! Not sure what happened to my glasses though.
Dress The Lazy Ones
Belt h&m
Shoes André

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Fête Nationale

It was bank holiday in France on Monday so there was not much to do apart from walking around under the baking sun, stop for coffee and cake and take some silly poses.
My sister has lent me her flat for a month and when I moved in she said: "Feel free to raid my wardrobe"!
In the past few years we both went through gruelling diets and fitness regimes to slim our fat asses down to a size 10/12-now it's perfect as we can swap clothes, and her closet if full of lovely summer dresses and vintage bags.

I turn 25 tomorrow omg!

Dress Autre Ton (Deborah's)
Bag I don't know, it's Deborah's too!
Belt and Shoes Primark

Monday, 14 July 2008

An evening in Paris....

Or how I found myself at my friend Simon's apartment, sitting down on the floor surrounded by cool people, drinking rose and listening to four bands play in the living-room.
And it was the perfect occasion to try my first streetstyle shot! Well the lighting wasn't great so I had to use flash, and I totally forgot to ask these girls their names, or what they were wearing. Oh well, only practice will make me perfect.
But I thought they looked effortlessly stylish, and check out these sassy haircuts!

Friday, 11 July 2008

I'm a cliché

Sometimes I like to think so. I mean in these photos none of the clothes I have on are truly original-apart from my Yeahhrrr vest that I love and will probably cherish my whole life and pass on to my kids.
It was autumn 2005, which one of us came up with Yeahhhrrrr! in the first place? Was it Mo, Me or Charlotte? It used to be Aww Yeahhrrr too.
Anyway..Yeahhrrr!! First proper night out in Paris-hence the outrageously red lipstick.
I've moved into my sister's flat in the 9th while she's away; I'm looking after her cat, slowly finishing my dissertation, doing 30 mins on Wii Fit every morning, going for walks round the neighbourhood, generally enjoying the parisian life once again.

Yeahhrr Vest The Lazy Ones
Shorts Zara (stolen from my sister's wardrobe)
Shoes Peacocks
Sleeveless Cardi AA
Pendant h&m

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Midnight Juggernauts= sex

Okay I know I talk a lot about the same stuff, but when I really like something I just can't help it.
Guitar/Drums bands had been boring me to death for years and these guys came along....
At first I was not so enthusiastic so I probably had to listen to the album for about 6 times before I even liked it.
Is 'Dystopia' going to be their 'Homework'? Their 'Moon Safari'?? By the way, has it even come out on vinyle? I haven't bought a cd in 5 years!
Oh and the guy who plays synth is totally buff. There, I've said it, my Midnight Juggernauts crush.

Anyone else cursing the 'summer' weather?

Finally today after so many weeks of seeing their faces everywhere in every magazine I decided to go on deezer and 'check out' what the Ting Tings sounded like, seeing as I had no idea. God how much can a band suck and get so much press at the same time?! This shit is so bad I'm sorry, I hope nobody that googles them ends up here.
Now back to reality with these babies.

Midnight Juggernauts-Shadows

Midnight Juggernauts-Road to Recovery (D.I.M remix)

Sébastien Tellier-Divine (Midnight Juggernauts remix)

Next week: my passion for TTC

Saturday, 5 July 2008

The Lazy Ones Yeahhrr!

The Lazy Ones= Diego and Nat.
In London I only have a handful of very good friends (
you know the kind of friends you can call at 3am and say 'my boyfriend has dumped me!/my house has been broken into!) and these two are part of them.Purveyors of the freshest gossip in town and excellent at cooking tapas (well they are from Spain) meant that their house was always one of the cosiest.
But not only!They make clothes, brilliant dresses, skirts, tops and blouses favoured by the finest A-list celebrities.
Remember this skirt?
When I was still a Londoner hanging out in the shop was one of my favourite activities: Pete Doherty buying a dress for Kate, the odd Alexa Chung or Miquita, Gael fucking Garcia Bernal.... (
remember the time I took the day off work cos he had promised to come back??)
Anyway, all this to say, go check out their shop at 102 Sclater Street off Brick Lane, or their Topshop concessions at Oxford Circus but also Cambridge. Coming soon to Topshop in NYC!
In the meantime, also check out their website.

One of the dresses below has just been given kindly given to me and I think it'll be perfect for my upcoming birthday party. Can you guess which one? Teasing, teasing.