Thursday, 12 June 2008

Prettier than you...

...biatch! Hell yeah I was in London for a day and a half, enough to pack up some drama and make me seriously question what the fuck I'm still doing here. Anyway enough about the stinky faces, more about Berlin!

Don't be fooled by this blue sky, the weather is verging on the horrendous, with a cold little rain freezing my beautifully varnished toes in my gladiator sandals. Therefore not many opportunities for photos in the summery outfits I had brought.

But it's still good, hanging out with my partner in crime Katy, window-shopping, eating good food, gossiping, trashing out the idiots
(boys mostly, girls too), good times quoi. Haven't bought anything exciting yet, the only thing I bagged is this really long gold pendant.
Right now, ipod on shuffle, Felix Cartal, Midnight Juggernauts, Around the World, the new Ed Rec compilation, I like the So-Me banger and the Feadz track, I'm sure I will get tired of it soon, but at the moment, well banging.

And tomorrow, Les Petits Pilous + The Bloody Beetroots at Maria am Ostbahnhof... you're in Berlin? Come for a drink with me!

Glasses ebay
Pendant h&m
T-shirt gap


Miss Woo said...

The lolita heart shape necklace is the cuteness, and I'm quite jealous indeed that you went to Berlin! ;)

Mademoiselle K said...

berlin is cool indeed :) starting the vintage shops tomorrow!

Kay said...

take me there wiiiith youuuu, sounds like so much fun!

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

yo them glasses take me back to when i was 3 and 4 yrs old...i had some yellow and pink ones lol

Mademoiselle K said...

-kay: aah yeah berlin is fun..still not as good as paris tho :)

-taryn: haha yeah they are quite childish...i still havent worn them properly outside!

I heart milk said...

I have those glasses too, they are nice. You can really pull em of!

lazydisco said...

thanks!maybe i'll actually start wearing them in the street now :)