Saturday, 7 June 2008

Fluo ou pas?

The other day I was thinking that the last time I bought a pair of trainers it was probably something like 10 years ago. I never wear them apart from when I go to the gym and I have a beaten up pair of grey Puma's.

But trainers are cool again now aren't they? I mean all the fluo-girls are wearing them, and Yelle has become the poster girl for the Reebok Freestyle (that me and my mum were wearing in the early 90's: my mum's were black, mine yellow)

So i'm wondering if I should give in and just buy a new pair of Freestyle...Not that my gym outfit is at all glamourous anyway. Plus Yelle is annoying. And her boyfriend is well buff. And she dissed Cuizinier! Biiiatch!

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