Monday, 30 June 2008

To protect and entertain...

...In party we trust!
La fête, y'a que ca de vrai n'est ce pas?

Anyway, the Crookers remix of the Busy P track, at first I was like, a bit blah, then I listened to it a few more times and realised that at 1:14 it gets fucking banging. And the lyrics make me totally lol: " tomorrow I'm gonna be on cobrasnake making out with a chick that my girlfriend hates"
....Busy P, what the fuck!!!!!

Totally my summer banger, and I don't think I'm the only one, it's been seen/heard on many blogs like this one for instance.

Enfin revenons a nos moutons.Ah oui, la fête. Ben justement tu fais quoi vendredi? Les sexy boys de chez Free Your Mind t'ont concoté une petite soirée comme tu les aimes, du crepuscule jusqu'au bout de la nuit avec des blogs musicaux qui s'affrontent a coup d'ipod; S.P.A en live; des dj sets inspirés.

Viens et offre moi un verre de rosé.

Friday, 27 June 2008

After Dark

A night out in London, a rare thing for me these days since I have become a bit of a recluse. But sometimes it's good to get a bit tipsy, then get ready to go out, listen to some good music (Daft Punk song of the week: "Voyager")

T-shirt+ skirt+ bag AA
Cardigan primark
Shoes thrift store in Long Island ($4)

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Hard at work

Well, kind of. Who else is currently trying to write a dissertation? I just can't wait to be finished, I swear this is the last piece of writing I'll ever do in my whole life.

This post is not an ode to smoking by the way, but after all, this blog is still called Coffee and Cigarettes. Working from home means endless coffees and teas which means endless cigarettes too.
The timing for this dissertation is not great because in less than 10 days I am moving back to Paris and haven't even started packing yet.

Et oui, bientot le retour au bercail, ca me fait bizarre quand même. Et puis finalement j'ai pas quitté mon mec, ca t'étonne? (
j'en connais quelques unes qui vont bien rire!) Après un an de coups bas et de tromperies (le déprimé, le barbu, le rappeur-graphiste, le jeune mec d'institubes, l'australien) des deux cotés, le couperet est tombé, on efface tout et on recommence? Ce sera paris-london, london-paris une fois par mois et pour le reste on verra après.

Je raconte ma life sur ce blog, et alors?
Be in love, be happy.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Main dans la main

I've been fantasising about the whole knee-high socks and a dress thing for a while but I had managed to put it to the back of my head.
Until now. I needed knee-high socks in my wardrobe!
Then I realised I had already bought a pair ages ago.
Does this outfit work? Anyway it's not like I'm going to wear it out soon: how depressing is it to wake up on the 1st day of Summer and to look at nothing but grey skies and rain...

Dress Primark
Pendant h&m
Shoes André
Socks Peacocks

Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Et oui, Berlin, c'est fini. It was so good though, I didn't do much, no shopping at all and I saw only one exhibition. Instead I had countless coffees, great meals and hung out with old friends like it was 2004 or something.Back in London, only for two weeks. Two weeks before I am a Parisian again, exciting!
In the meantime, packing, working on the dissertation, sorting out the complications of my life...

Sunday, 15 June 2008

The one for you

This dress I think, always works, even in the summer/autumn Berlin weather. But today, shoes! These babies I got in Paris ate most of my Berlin shopping budget before I even got there but whatever.

I think they look a bit granny-ish; A.B called them 'mendals' sandals, get it?

Last night in Berlin: parties+cheap beer.
I hadn't seen Les Petits Pilous before and although I must say I discovered they weren't the friendliest bunch (or maybe it's just me, too used to chat the night away with teenage dj's) they tore the place away with classics like 'Dun-dun-dun' or 'Rollin and Scratchin'.
The Bloody Beetroots were banging, verging on the scary and I guess I would have enjoyed it more if I had dropped an E or something.

Dress Primark
Shoes André

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Prettier than you...

...biatch! Hell yeah I was in London for a day and a half, enough to pack up some drama and make me seriously question what the fuck I'm still doing here. Anyway enough about the stinky faces, more about Berlin!

Don't be fooled by this blue sky, the weather is verging on the horrendous, with a cold little rain freezing my beautifully varnished toes in my gladiator sandals. Therefore not many opportunities for photos in the summery outfits I had brought.

But it's still good, hanging out with my partner in crime Katy, window-shopping, eating good food, gossiping, trashing out the idiots
(boys mostly, girls too), good times quoi. Haven't bought anything exciting yet, the only thing I bagged is this really long gold pendant.
Right now, ipod on shuffle, Felix Cartal, Midnight Juggernauts, Around the World, the new Ed Rec compilation, I like the So-Me banger and the Feadz track, I'm sure I will get tired of it soon, but at the moment, well banging.

And tomorrow, Les Petits Pilous + The Bloody Beetroots at Maria am Ostbahnhof... you're in Berlin? Come for a drink with me!

Glasses ebay
Pendant h&m
T-shirt gap

Monday, 9 June 2008

"Part of the weekend never dies"

Funnily enough, a lot of google searches for "It's not you, it's the E talking" (Soulwax) end up on my blog. Personally I haven't made the E talk in a while, Paris has been more of Marie Danielle time. Anyway, enough with the cryptic drug allusions. Dare to say no,kids!

As you might have gathered by the nostalgic tone of this post, my stay in Paris has come to an end, only three weeks though before I move back properly.
This weekend I decided to have a good time and nothing else.
Panik with 2 Many Dj's and So-Me and blablabla was a bit boring, but We Love Sonique on Saturday with Ricardo Villalobos definitely made up for it. Like this:

1am-Before Ricardo,leaving the house, all excited.

(i didn't have crazy make-up, I think it's just the reflection in my glasses)

After Ricardo, drinking coke on the terrace, one last cigarette, watching the sunrise.
(omg my eyes are pitch black)

What happened in between? An amazing 4 hours set (that I didn't think I'd like, since my friend Alex Tea is a big fan-he has good taste, we just really differ sometime), found buddies, lost buddies, un sosie de Jake Gyllenhaall aux lèvres douces, expensive beers, popcorn, a bugging question that pretty much got answered, the opportunity to let go, just one more time.

Did I mention I saw a free Chromatics gig on Saturday too? Paris is so good for you right now.
In the meantime, Berlin! Wednesday!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Fluo ou pas?

The other day I was thinking that the last time I bought a pair of trainers it was probably something like 10 years ago. I never wear them apart from when I go to the gym and I have a beaten up pair of grey Puma's.

But trainers are cool again now aren't they? I mean all the fluo-girls are wearing them, and Yelle has become the poster girl for the Reebok Freestyle (that me and my mum were wearing in the early 90's: my mum's were black, mine yellow)

So i'm wondering if I should give in and just buy a new pair of Freestyle...Not that my gym outfit is at all glamourous anyway. Plus Yelle is annoying. And her boyfriend is well buff. And she dissed Cuizinier! Biiiatch!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Eté d'amour....

....ou comment j'ai croqué la pomme

Today is a day for being lazy, lounging, smoking, reading magazines.
Dissertation? What dissertation?

There's too many pairs of shoes to be tried on, too many bangers to listen to.

"Sexuality" with the bass really loud. Step inches close to me!

I'm so happy I might even have a real Coke later.

Sweater AA
Shorts h&m
Shoes second-hand from Guerrisol

Sunday, 1 June 2008

You were such a P.Y.T!

Ha! 100th post. I thought I should celebrate with a bang!
I was a lazy blogger last week I must say and it wasn't really intended. It's just that I am having too much fun in Paris, and have been spending the last few days hopping from one friend's flat to another, drinking cocktails, lazying in the sun (sometimes), getting my hopes high, generally being silly.
Also, new shoes. You like?

You are upset by Style Bytes's disappearance? (personally I think she just got sick of the whole blogging thing and went back to growing vegetables and baking cakes;good for her) Don't worry, I will try my best to fill the void, except I'm a less skinny, more trashy version. And I speak fran-glish. And I swear. And I have poseur glasses. Fuck!
Anyway, a hundred posts later, it's still fun right? I wish I could dish out more gossip but then I might get in trouble. Maybe I'll also bring back Monday's Manjoyment who knows.

A Paris cette semaine? Viens prendre un verre sur la péniche concorde-atlantique mercredi soir avec moi ou mouille ta frange sur 2 Many Dj's à l'élysée montmartre vendredi soir.

Blouse h&m
Tropéziennes some shop in the 6th