Saturday, 17 May 2008

Well, hallo

So it's time again to take my annual summer holiday to Berlin: here I come 11th-17th of June for some crazy breakfasts, cycling, bangers, bauhaus museum, Eis kaffee, vintage shopping, dancing, drinking, you get the idea. Oh and also doing research for my dissertation.
I've been going almost every year since 2004, always with a different partner in crime, always single and not always skinny. In 2006 I didn't go, I guess I was too busy being (an idiot) in love.

The first time and the freshest, the year of basic tourism, private jokes et la casquette de Bobbi.

The year of bangers, Berlin Zoo, fuck the diet and absolute nonsense.

Obviously the year of American Apparel, bikes, but also, heartbreak.

2008: what will it be? This time I'm going with Katy and I expect it to be über-fun. And you, do you often go to/live in Berlin? Any fabulous addresses for me to check out?


Anonymous said...

wow, i'm just about to make my first trip to berlin in june and i'm so excited! very pleased to hear it's worth going back to time and time again :) any insider tips on where to check out? i've just started reading your blog and i love your style.

Mademoiselle K said...

hey yeahh berlin is definitely cool! whereabouts will u be staying?
i like your photography!

Anonymous said...

i'm staying in an apartment in charlottenburg, about 10 mins out of the city centre by u-bahn. so excited! thanks for the compliment, i'm such a novice atm so it's nice ot hear good things :) loving the cute new yellow dress!

Anonymous said...
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