Monday, 5 May 2008

The kiss

A bord de l'Institubes Express 999.

This weekend was a bit hit and miss. Actually more hit than miss. This weekend kind of tried to be as good as a weekend in Paris and it almost did it. It was very close.
Friday night after I had tried to convince every single one of my friends to come with me hang out in room 2 of Fabric to listen to:
Para One
Das Glow
Jean Nipon
...well nobody was up for it and as I had guestlist and live a 10 min walk to Fabric I thought fuck it, I'm going anyway. So half a bottle of wine later and some live sets on radio nova online I left the house and listened to "Alive 2007" on the way to put myself in party mood.
Well I'm glad I went because it was well banging and I danced and danced and hung out with the boy. The kind of boy you want to take home to listen to Beach Boys records whilst feeding him raspberries. I eat boys like you for breakfast is what I was thinking.
I smoked a million cigarettes and left at 6am with the biggest smile on my face.

I walked home half-drunk, half-daydreaming and very much wishing I was 20 again.
Next week I will talk about clothes again I promise.


stupidcupcake said...

I love then nights turn out like that! I never want them to end.

Mademoiselle K said...

i know right, I hadn't stayed up till dawn in ages! then the best is to go home,drink tea, go to bed...bliss :)