Monday, 26 May 2008

Bien arrivée

Does a girl really need an excuse to buy new clothes? Last week was been a bit shopping-tastic and to justify the dent in my already slim savings I came up with the following to make me feel better:
1) I lost 20 kilos and need new clothes that fit
2) It's finally hot so I really should start my summer wardrobe.
3) 15% off at American Apparel really I shouldn't miss that.

4) I'm moving to Paris soon, I'm almost graduating from my MA, my love life is the dumbest thing ever, some clothes will help
put things into perspective.
5) I have a new haircut and need to accessorise it.

So this is the first of my purchases, a new yellow dress that I seen on some girl in the London Paper and had wanted since.

I arrived in Paris Saturday night, couldn't decide which party to go to so instead i chose none and stayed home and played wth my stepmum's new kitten. Although he is totally hyperactive and tried to eat the pompons of my h&m keffieh many times he's still quite cute.

More soon!

Dress American Apparel
Blazer Found
Shoes Absolute Vintage


Tinky Minky said...

tu es trop mimi comme ça! le jaune te va très bien! ;-)

Mademoiselle K said...

je crois que le jaune est en effet ma couleur,et puis ca s'accorde plutot bien avec ma nouvelle montre :))

ray said...

great outfit. yellow really suits you x

Mademoiselle K said...

thanks!yellow is good for summer isnt it?
i like your blog!

Fashion Tidbits said...

the yellow looks amazing on you!