Friday, 2 May 2008


So last time I was in Paris I went with some friends to see the exhibition "Des Jeunes Gens Modernes" at Agnès B.'s gallery and it was so so good I really recommend it I think there's another two weeks left. It reminded me of how a few years ago I was so much into coldwave and would spend days researching rare records on ebay and all over the internet: növo, synth, cold, new wave-my favourite keywords at the time. All I would play when I would dj were weird songs that nobody really was into but then I loved it I didn't care, especially "Betty Bop" by Arto. I still haven't found a copy of Ruth's "Polaroid Roman Photo" LP on vinyl for less than 200 euros but I know the day will come. I did spend 70 euros on the 7" though, ouch. For a good starting point into Növo try the amazing "So Young But So Cold" compilation from a few years ago.
My personal favourites from that time?
Empire "EU" Ep
(sorry no mp'3...I wish!)
Mathematiques Modernes "TV Night" (From "Les Visiteurs du Soir")
"Polaroid Roman Photo"
"Jeanette" And many more Tokow Boys, Moderne, Kas Product, Elli and Jacno, Modern Guy, Metal Boys...


Alex Torrance said...

You should check out Systems of Romance, they post a lot of Novo, Cold Wave and Minimal Wave LPs and tapes.

Mademoiselle K said...

argh i didnt realise you read this :)
i'll check it out!
ps:why nobody wants to go to fabric with me tonight boooohoooo

Kikil said...

Stumbled on this blog under a search to see if Les Visiteurs Du Soir had any actual studio albums. Have you had a chance to listen to 'BIPPP: French Synth Wave 1979-85'? It was recently re-released and you'd definitely enjoy it. :)

I endorse that link to Systems of Romance too, along with most of the blogs it links off to.

End random random stranger comment.