Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Just Chillin'... home in Paris, just relaxing on the balcony (pardon, la terrasse) at my dad's. Generally just enjoying the happy times, the food and the company of my friends.

There, check out what else I got on my shopping frenzy last week. Shoes, dress, then sushi and a good gossip with a friend, what an amazing day.
It's still not a maxi-dress like the ones seen on La Pipelette, although I'm sure I will get there soon.

Dress Primark
Shoes Topshop

Monday, 26 May 2008

Bien arrivée

Does a girl really need an excuse to buy new clothes? Last week was been a bit shopping-tastic and to justify the dent in my already slim savings I came up with the following to make me feel better:
1) I lost 20 kilos and need new clothes that fit
2) It's finally hot so I really should start my summer wardrobe.
3) 15% off at American Apparel really I shouldn't miss that.

4) I'm moving to Paris soon, I'm almost graduating from my MA, my love life is the dumbest thing ever, some clothes will help
put things into perspective.
5) I have a new haircut and need to accessorise it.

So this is the first of my purchases, a new yellow dress that I seen on some girl in the London Paper and had wanted since.

I arrived in Paris Saturday night, couldn't decide which party to go to so instead i chose none and stayed home and played wth my stepmum's new kitten. Although he is totally hyperactive and tried to eat the pompons of my h&m keffieh many times he's still quite cute.

More soon!

Dress American Apparel
Blazer Found
Shoes Absolute Vintage

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Chop Chop

This post is all about moi, moi and moi and my long-awaited haircut. I hear some of you breath a sigh of relief at the back: thank fuck she has finally sorted her hair that looked like a big mess!

The hairdresser styled it in a way that I probably will never be able to re-create myself, but for now, I'm happy with it.

You like?

Vest you know where
Poseur hipster glasses Ebay

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Peine perdue

Il fait beau, fait pas beau, moi j'y perds mon latin. Du coup c'est robe légère avec les collants en laine, what a joke. Et puis j'ai une nouvelle montre aussi, la précédente, offerte par l'ex, il était temps de passer a autre chose (dans tous les sens du terme?)

Bref, le soleil joue a cache-cache, c'est pas grave moi je suis dans une happy mood, Paris attention j'arrive samedi soir pour deux semaines. Deux!
Saturday night donc je vais debarquer de l'eurostar, 23h20, Nouveau Casino ou Social Club, dodo ou apéro mon coeur balance en core, que faire, que choisir.

En attendant, cette semaine je confie enfin ma tignasse incontrolable aux ciseaux de mon expensive coiffeur. Resultat des courses jeudi.
Dress Primark
Blazer found at my house after a party

Casio (merci ebay)

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Well, hallo

So it's time again to take my annual summer holiday to Berlin: here I come 11th-17th of June for some crazy breakfasts, cycling, bangers, bauhaus museum, Eis kaffee, vintage shopping, dancing, drinking, you get the idea. Oh and also doing research for my dissertation.
I've been going almost every year since 2004, always with a different partner in crime, always single and not always skinny. In 2006 I didn't go, I guess I was too busy being (an idiot) in love.

The first time and the freshest, the year of basic tourism, private jokes et la casquette de Bobbi.

The year of bangers, Berlin Zoo, fuck the diet and absolute nonsense.

Obviously the year of American Apparel, bikes, but also, heartbreak.

2008: what will it be? This time I'm going with Katy and I expect it to be über-fun. And you, do you often go to/live in Berlin? Any fabulous addresses for me to check out?

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Attention Londoners!

So very fucking last minute I know but...come to the Ed Banger showcase today at 6pm at Rough Trade Brick Lane with Busy P and Sebastian I think. Let's have beer outside Cafe 1001 even if the weather sucks.
Also, tomorrow night, 11pm, Catch 22 on Kingsland Road, I will be playing the finest French bangers for your pleasure and your pleasure only.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

So long

The holidays are almost over; tomorrow I will once again be in London town. Not for long though, Paris here I come in about 10 days. I had fun here frolicking in the sleepy resort of Arcachon.
Didn’t do much, walked to the beach, fell asleep in the sun on the beach, braved the freezing waters for a bit of swim, had oysters, crab, lobster: the Oreo
milkshake from last night is the only break I took from my week-long strict diet of no-carbs and seafood only.
I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in a week either and didn’t wear any make-up for that long too. After all this was Arcachon baby, not exactly L. A

There was this dress though, which I had completely forgotten about since last summer. After two days of rain here finally it was time to step out in my LBD.

When you’re by yourself in a rather unfamiliar place, where there’s not one single person that you know, I think it’s inevitable to start thinking about some deep shit like “where is my life going?“. Especially if like me you lie on the beach listening to profound tracks like “You Make it Easy” by Air, god that tune gets me every time.

So I also got the time to reflect about some less serious stuff, like my tantalising dilemma between the same old crush, the tall crush, the young crush. I think I’ve made my choice, I just hope he takes the lead now.

Dress Primark
Necklace Etsy

Monday, 12 May 2008

Minuit fantome

Do you really need an excuse to take pictures of yourself doing any kind of stupid poses under bad lighting? Okay there's one, I made my first purchase on Etsy the other day, I was after some nice necklace after the all h&m ones I have seem to have fallen apart. It was quite cheap and the free postage offer really did it. Quite in a good mood at the moment, must be the holidays, the hot weather, the cute boys, the fact I'm already planning my 25th birthday beach party in July in Paris. Obviously not really on the beach.
Mais quand les parents se cassent en vacances, les souris dansent.

And you, do you also get also excited when summer is coming?

T-shirt American Apparel
Glasses Lissac Paris
Necklace Etsy from 'Citizenfox'

Friday, 9 May 2008

Dans ta face

This is the video for Justice's new single "Stress", by Romain Gavras.

Pure provoc' ou juste envie de se debarasser de tous les fluokids qui leur collent aux pieds?
To be honest I think that song would make anyone want to go on a rampage.

Answers on a postcard...

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Total Heaven

So like a lot of other blogging girls I had bought this dress in h&m a couple of months ago. I had worn it maybe once then completely forgot about it! Yesterday it was all sunny and nice, the perfect occasion for a fake date, a stroll, coffee, maybe a film at sunset.
I thought let's wear the dress and see what happens.

I'm off to Southwest France on Thursday for about a week to rest, work on my dissertation, eat delicious seafood, hang out on the beach. La dolce vita quoi.
Si jamais vous passez par Bordeaux ou Arcachon, just holla...

Dress h&m
Shoes Primark
Ring and Sunglasses h&m

Monday, 5 May 2008

The kiss

A bord de l'Institubes Express 999.

This weekend was a bit hit and miss. Actually more hit than miss. This weekend kind of tried to be as good as a weekend in Paris and it almost did it. It was very close.
Friday night after I had tried to convince every single one of my friends to come with me hang out in room 2 of Fabric to listen to:
Para One
Das Glow
Jean Nipon
...well nobody was up for it and as I had guestlist and live a 10 min walk to Fabric I thought fuck it, I'm going anyway. So half a bottle of wine later and some live sets on radio nova online I left the house and listened to "Alive 2007" on the way to put myself in party mood.
Well I'm glad I went because it was well banging and I danced and danced and hung out with the boy. The kind of boy you want to take home to listen to Beach Boys records whilst feeding him raspberries. I eat boys like you for breakfast is what I was thinking.
I smoked a million cigarettes and left at 6am with the biggest smile on my face.

I walked home half-drunk, half-daydreaming and very much wishing I was 20 again.
Next week I will talk about clothes again I promise.

Friday, 2 May 2008


So last time I was in Paris I went with some friends to see the exhibition "Des Jeunes Gens Modernes" at Agnès B.'s gallery and it was so so good I really recommend it I think there's another two weeks left. It reminded me of how a few years ago I was so much into coldwave and would spend days researching rare records on ebay and all over the internet: növo, synth, cold, new wave-my favourite keywords at the time. All I would play when I would dj were weird songs that nobody really was into but then I loved it I didn't care, especially "Betty Bop" by Arto. I still haven't found a copy of Ruth's "Polaroid Roman Photo" LP on vinyl for less than 200 euros but I know the day will come. I did spend 70 euros on the 7" though, ouch. For a good starting point into Növo try the amazing "So Young But So Cold" compilation from a few years ago.
My personal favourites from that time?
Empire "EU" Ep
(sorry no mp'3...I wish!)
Mathematiques Modernes "TV Night" (From "Les Visiteurs du Soir")
"Polaroid Roman Photo"
"Jeanette" And many more Tokow Boys, Moderne, Kas Product, Elli and Jacno, Modern Guy, Metal Boys...