Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Vis ma vie de pétasse

Sometimes I used to be a dj and it used to be good. Sometimes it was bad too. I used to be 'Donna Gibson' and also half of 'Aww Yeahhrrr' (a stupid joke gone too far). Anyway now nobody wants to hear my bangers so I just save them for my bedroom. On saturday I think I will be going to only club night that's probably good in London at the moment, aka "Disco Bloodbath" in Hackney. It will be the first time I go out in a month, maybe I should stop being a recluse.

On another topic you know when you come out of a club, still high/drunk/happy and you're walking home, by yourself or with someone, and the sun is rising, and you get home and make tea and smoke a cigarette...Well I think "Le soleil est pres de moi" by Air is probably the best soundtrack to that.

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