Thursday, 24 April 2008

"The sound of tomorrow, the music of today"

Back in London since last night, not too excited obviously, every time I leave Paris now it's like breaking up with a lover: painful. It's funny how a few years ago my life used to be quite the opposite with the fun times being spent in London, quiet and boring weekends in Paris; usually I could not wait to go back, now sometimes I hope for a train strike so I could be stuck at Gare du Nord.
But anyway only another couple of months left!

Last weekend I wasn't too much into a shopping mood until I walked into Fnac on Monday and more particularly My Electro Kitchen on Tuesday. I had definitely caught the shopping bug again and all I did on my last day was spend spend spend.

So this week I have lots of records to curl up in bed with and smoke tons of Vogues.

-Bobmo "To the Bobmobile" and "3000% Yes": so fucking banging oh yeahh

-Feadz "Happy Meal": What's happened to Uffie?

-Sebastien Tellier "Sexuality": It was not good enough to have it on my ipod, I needed to be able go home a bit drunk and put its sweet vinyl on my turntable.

-Para One "Naissance des Pieuvres" (soundtrack): Perfect music for dissertation writing.

-Krazy Baldhead "Dry Guillotine": Last year as part of "the divorce" my ex claimed this as his and I've been missing it since.

Next episode: Clothes!


Phantomas said...

Joli joli joli tout ça... les photos, les commentaires et en plus tu achètes des vinyles... haaa mademoiselle K haaa...

Mademoiselle K said...

hey! ben ouais maintenant j'attends juste qu'on m'invite a dj ce serait cool :)
bon on s'est loupé le weekend dernier dommage!

Phantomas said...

Yes indeed! c'est bien dommage mais l'été arrivant, tu seras peut-être plus souvent amenée à passer sur paname et/ou moi sur Londres!

Mademoiselle K said...

ca y est moi je déménage le 30 juin..exciting!