Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Sebastien...So sexual!

...In a "Windowlicker" kind of way, which is like, woah.

I woke up yesterday a bit excited like it was my birthday or something, because in the evening I was going to Sébastien Tellier's gig.

I spent the whole day at work fiddling and not actually doing anything concrete, came home, dashed like a mad woman to the gym, cooked myself a sexy shellfish dinner, had a couple of glasses of red wine and then I started getting ready like I had a date.

I rarely go to gigs in London anymore so I thought I should make an effort this time: face scrub and
mask, blow-dry, nail varnish, perfume nice dress, heels etc...

The gig did not disappoint and Sébastien cursed and shouted and made obscene gestures which made everyone laugh even though sometimes he spoke french and half of the audience could not understand. I stood at the front the whole time and sipped apple cider, the only thing missing was a long cigarette to enjoy with the music. (fuck these shit laws man!)

Afterwards I went home and drank a bit more wine, had some a piece of chocolate cake worth £6 and fell asleep with Radio Nova on.

American Apparel
Shoes Gemini Shoes on Kingsland high st
Cheap rings topshop
Nice purple ring Swarovski (old present from A.B)
Clutch h&m


Anonymous said...


Mademoiselle K said...

such hard work to maintain though..i feel like i spent my life at the gym!!off there now it's 9.30 argh...

Anonymous said...

it's inspiring babe. i'm disgusted at myself cos i can't keep up with revision and working out so i haven't been in two weeks - gross i am going to be in pain when i go back and i was getting used to exercising like it was no big deal. as soon as my exams finish it's buff city though

Miss Woo said...

You look really lovely in that AA dress, luck that you get to see ST too!

lola729 said...

i like ur ring

comment my blog! pleez!

Mademoiselle K said...

-miss woo: thanks!! oh the guy is so crazy, but in a good way..i love him!

-lola: thanks it's an old present from an ex-boyfriend, can't seem to be able to part with it... i'll go check out your blog!

Ferran said...

love the shoes!!!