Thursday, 17 April 2008

Oh look who it is again

Hello here I come. Off to Paris later tonight, feeling absolutely positive about this trip, even though London has not been so bad lately I must say. Hence the beret wearing, I even fancy some strawberry tart later this week, must be the spring weather that makes feel all giddy.

What are my favourite places in Paris I bet you're all wondering? Well I tend to stick to what I know I love best, I know, I should be a bit more adventurous.
So when it comes to good food I always visit at least one of these:
Higuma for proper Japanese dining (katsu don, yakisoba hmm) or if I want sashimi and maki I go to Ta Sushi in Etienne-Marcel. Best pizza? Tavola Calda rue des Bourdonnais. Cheap and the pizzaiolo is cute too.

Shopping? Well I'm not very fussy, good old h&m and I always give
Guerrisol a go. Freepstar is ok although I've only bought a 2 euros scarf from there yet. All I can say is fuck Kiliwatch. Colette? Blah

Drinking? I am a bit biased on this one maybe because my dad owns it and I get free drinks but my headquarters are at
Le Baiser Salé, find me there almost every day at apéro time drinking Kir Royal or Mojitos. If I have a date I generally arrange to meet at Point Ephemère (where I also have lunch quite often if it's sunny so I can hang out outside) because then if the date is bad then I can check out the other cute boys walking by or copy the looks of the cool girls; and if it's really really bad then I'm only 3 metro stops from home.

I am lazy and don't want to put all the addresses for these but please google them or ask me!

Blouse Topshop
Beret h&m? primark?
Sunglasses Ebay

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