Monday, 7 April 2008

Monday's manjoyment X

This week, Monday's Manjoyment takes its final bow? Why? Because with 10 hot contenders I think you have a pretty good idea of who/what makes me all giddy-although this was by all means an exhaustive list.

Anyway for this final one I have chosen to go down memory lane big time.
It was 96, I was 13 and innocently watching tv after school and the video for "Girls and Boys" came on. I had heard the song a couple of years before but had been way too young to pay any real attention. When I first laid eyes on Damon Albarn I knew this was gonna be a winner.

Followed years of dedicated fan attention, gigs, press cuttings, massive posters above my bed, Blur keychains, badges, flags, mugs, pens, you name it, I had to have it.
I famously chased the band in a car, with my dad in the driving seat ("Go faster dad!!!") after they had done a radio interview in Paris, which resulted in a memorable photo op with my idol Damon. (I will post said photo as soon as I can find it in my photo albums at home and get anywhere near a scanner)

Damon is older now, a little pot-bellied and bald and campaigning for world peace and shit, but he still holds a special place in my heart. Now go home and listen to "Modern Life is Rubbish" and wish it was the mid-90's all over again.


Phantomas said...

Je sais pas pourquoi je viens ici le lundi, on ne parle que de garçons.. A quand un "Monday girljoyment" ?!

Mademoiselle K said...

Haha c’était le dernier épisode, pas que je sois a court d’idées mais mon ex vient de se rendre compte que j’ai un blog et il apprécie pas trop mes blagues :)
Mais je pense que Monday girljoyment devra attendre, quoique j’ai bien qq noms en tête mais je voudrais pas donner de faux espoirs a certaines. . .