Saturday, 19 April 2008

Institubes Paris Terror Club is playing at my house

As planned, Paris is the absolute dope. It's probably the combination of amazing food, amazing friends and amazing wines. Or maybe it's because I went out thursday night and got a bit trashed dancing to bangers, and a bit naughty too? (bobmo, oh sweet bobmo you really only 19?); and last night I got very trashed dancing to more bangers and was very naughty? And I will be doing it all again tonight, and probably tomorrow night too?

Okay I don't know, it's all of these, not sure why my weekends in Paris are always so chaotic, I'd never do that in London. I really don't want to think about tuesday yet when I have to go back to the boring part of my life.
Later today I'm going to see a gallery performance with Kim Gordon then going to eat delicious Japanese food-hope your weekends are as good as mine.Pictures of my night-time adventures to come soon. Possibly.

Dress Primark
Shoes Peacocks
Bangles Primark
Flowers my stepmum's hard work


Nat&Dieg said...

karine!!!! dixneuf!!!!!
we had Peaches in the shop, but Erik came before with his wasted friends and they got me A little drunk , i think i was a bit rude to her, maybe not rude but over confident, she got scared.hahahhaha i'll tell you the whole story when you come back.

Mademoiselle K said...

i know right,naughty!!
yeah we'll have to meet for gossip :)
i just had a fondue it was gooooodddddd