Saturday, 26 April 2008


My dearest friends. Did you really think I could come back from a weekend in Paris only with new sweet LP's in my bag? I am a real girl at heart after all and with summer coming, a wardrobe update was more than necessary. On this one I must thank
Tokyobanhbao and Betty. Had it not been for them I probably wouldn't have stepped into Promod last Tuesday...and decided to buy these trousers.

I am still not %100 sure about them though. My sister has been wearing a pair like this for years, but for me, a skinny jean kind of gal it feels a bit strange. Overall, I like them thought, and not only because they are so large it makes me feel really thin and fabulous.

Still in a frenetic shopping mood I decided that well, since I had bought new trousers I needed things to go with them...So it was a lovely ring and a clutch, both from h&m.
Guerrisol had been disappointing lately but as I am not one to easily give up, I went in for a little browse. Hurrah, the 3 euros shoes are back! I ended up with just one pair, but saw many many cute ones, sadly not in my size (a lot of 37/38, shame I'm a 40/41), hurry up girls if you fancy a bargain.

Et parce qu'il est "premier de la classe, sans aller en classe, conasse, collectionneur de cravate, efficace dans la cabine, comme derrière les machines, Para One fait pleurer les gamines", moi je retourne abuser de ma platine et essayer de bosser un peu alors qu'il fait un soleil de plomb dehors.

t-shirt Gap
trousers Promod
shoes Guerrisol
ring and clutch h&m
blazer found

note to self: get a haircut


Mimnor said...

Il te va très bien ! Oh je sens que je vais aller faire un petit tour chez Promod moi aussi ! En tous cas pas de doute, merci Betty !

Mademoiselle K said...

merci! je crois que ca va etre parfait pour trainer tout l'été...en espérant qu'il fasse beau :)