Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Sebastien...So sexual!

...In a "Windowlicker" kind of way, which is like, woah.

I woke up yesterday a bit excited like it was my birthday or something, because in the evening I was going to Sébastien Tellier's gig.

I spent the whole day at work fiddling and not actually doing anything concrete, came home, dashed like a mad woman to the gym, cooked myself a sexy shellfish dinner, had a couple of glasses of red wine and then I started getting ready like I had a date.

I rarely go to gigs in London anymore so I thought I should make an effort this time: face scrub and
mask, blow-dry, nail varnish, perfume nice dress, heels etc...

The gig did not disappoint and Sébastien cursed and shouted and made obscene gestures which made everyone laugh even though sometimes he spoke french and half of the audience could not understand. I stood at the front the whole time and sipped apple cider, the only thing missing was a long cigarette to enjoy with the music. (fuck these shit laws man!)

Afterwards I went home and drank a bit more wine, had some a piece of chocolate cake worth £6 and fell asleep with Radio Nova on.

American Apparel
Shoes Gemini Shoes on Kingsland high st
Cheap rings topshop
Nice purple ring Swarovski (old present from A.B)
Clutch h&m

Saturday, 26 April 2008


My dearest friends. Did you really think I could come back from a weekend in Paris only with new sweet LP's in my bag? I am a real girl at heart after all and with summer coming, a wardrobe update was more than necessary. On this one I must thank
Tokyobanhbao and Betty. Had it not been for them I probably wouldn't have stepped into Promod last Tuesday...and decided to buy these trousers.

I am still not %100 sure about them though. My sister has been wearing a pair like this for years, but for me, a skinny jean kind of gal it feels a bit strange. Overall, I like them thought, and not only because they are so large it makes me feel really thin and fabulous.

Still in a frenetic shopping mood I decided that well, since I had bought new trousers I needed things to go with them...So it was a lovely ring and a clutch, both from h&m.
Guerrisol had been disappointing lately but as I am not one to easily give up, I went in for a little browse. Hurrah, the 3 euros shoes are back! I ended up with just one pair, but saw many many cute ones, sadly not in my size (a lot of 37/38, shame I'm a 40/41), hurry up girls if you fancy a bargain.

Et parce qu'il est "premier de la classe, sans aller en classe, conasse, collectionneur de cravate, efficace dans la cabine, comme derrière les machines, Para One fait pleurer les gamines", moi je retourne abuser de ma platine et essayer de bosser un peu alors qu'il fait un soleil de plomb dehors.

t-shirt Gap
trousers Promod
shoes Guerrisol
ring and clutch h&m
blazer found

note to self: get a haircut

Thursday, 24 April 2008

"The sound of tomorrow, the music of today"

Back in London since last night, not too excited obviously, every time I leave Paris now it's like breaking up with a lover: painful. It's funny how a few years ago my life used to be quite the opposite with the fun times being spent in London, quiet and boring weekends in Paris; usually I could not wait to go back, now sometimes I hope for a train strike so I could be stuck at Gare du Nord.
But anyway only another couple of months left!

Last weekend I wasn't too much into a shopping mood until I walked into Fnac on Monday and more particularly My Electro Kitchen on Tuesday. I had definitely caught the shopping bug again and all I did on my last day was spend spend spend.

So this week I have lots of records to curl up in bed with and smoke tons of Vogues.

-Bobmo "To the Bobmobile" and "3000% Yes": so fucking banging oh yeahh

-Feadz "Happy Meal": What's happened to Uffie?

-Sebastien Tellier "Sexuality": It was not good enough to have it on my ipod, I needed to be able go home a bit drunk and put its sweet vinyl on my turntable.

-Para One "Naissance des Pieuvres" (soundtrack): Perfect music for dissertation writing.

-Krazy Baldhead "Dry Guillotine": Last year as part of "the divorce" my ex claimed this as his and I've been missing it since.

Next episode: Clothes!

Monday, 21 April 2008

Paris la nuit

Moi? Crevée mais happy.
Ce weekend? Rex Club, Bataclan, apéro, resto, Institubes a gogo, bisous, teenager, montmartre, simpsons, fondue, sushi, expo, kim gordon, novo, Java, t'es trop beau, call me, shopping, potins, taxi, blackout, La Caution, gay smile, fun times.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Institubes Paris Terror Club is playing at my house

As planned, Paris is the absolute dope. It's probably the combination of amazing food, amazing friends and amazing wines. Or maybe it's because I went out thursday night and got a bit trashed dancing to bangers, and a bit naughty too? (bobmo, oh sweet bobmo you really only 19?); and last night I got very trashed dancing to more bangers and was very naughty? And I will be doing it all again tonight, and probably tomorrow night too?

Okay I don't know, it's all of these, not sure why my weekends in Paris are always so chaotic, I'd never do that in London. I really don't want to think about tuesday yet when I have to go back to the boring part of my life.
Later today I'm going to see a gallery performance with Kim Gordon then going to eat delicious Japanese food-hope your weekends are as good as mine.Pictures of my night-time adventures to come soon. Possibly.

Dress Primark
Shoes Peacocks
Bangles Primark
Flowers my stepmum's hard work

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Oh look who it is again

Hello here I come. Off to Paris later tonight, feeling absolutely positive about this trip, even though London has not been so bad lately I must say. Hence the beret wearing, I even fancy some strawberry tart later this week, must be the spring weather that makes feel all giddy.

What are my favourite places in Paris I bet you're all wondering? Well I tend to stick to what I know I love best, I know, I should be a bit more adventurous.
So when it comes to good food I always visit at least one of these:
Higuma for proper Japanese dining (katsu don, yakisoba hmm) or if I want sashimi and maki I go to Ta Sushi in Etienne-Marcel. Best pizza? Tavola Calda rue des Bourdonnais. Cheap and the pizzaiolo is cute too.

Shopping? Well I'm not very fussy, good old h&m and I always give
Guerrisol a go. Freepstar is ok although I've only bought a 2 euros scarf from there yet. All I can say is fuck Kiliwatch. Colette? Blah

Drinking? I am a bit biased on this one maybe because my dad owns it and I get free drinks but my headquarters are at
Le Baiser Salé, find me there almost every day at apéro time drinking Kir Royal or Mojitos. If I have a date I generally arrange to meet at Point Ephemère (where I also have lunch quite often if it's sunny so I can hang out outside) because then if the date is bad then I can check out the other cute boys walking by or copy the looks of the cool girls; and if it's really really bad then I'm only 3 metro stops from home.

I am lazy and don't want to put all the addresses for these but please google them or ask me!

Blouse Topshop
Beret h&m? primark?
Sunglasses Ebay

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Soundtrack of the weekend: Alive 2007

Overall it was a good weekend even though I went to a mediocre party and drank bad wine, which explains the hangover-induced headache on Sunday. Feeling lazy I just grabbed a friend and walked down to Barbican: the sun mostly played hide and seek and I had to change outfits at like 3 times which was so frustrating.
Paris see you on Thursday.

Jeans Gap
Jacket Primark
Scarf Tunisian Souk
Shirt h&m
Shoes Peacocks


Jacket h&m

V-Neck Uniqlo

Trousers h&m

Friday, 11 April 2008

Let's make love and listen to Midnight Juggernauts

Aujourd'hui, pas envie de parler chiffons, pas envie de parler dans la langue de Shakespeare non plus, je sais pas c'est peut etre mon voyage imminent a Paris qui me met dans des états pareils. Ce soir c'est Friday night, sortez les gym bags et autres accessoires indispendables- Bienvenue à Londres, capitale of bullshit.

Enfin bon tout ca pour dire, mon last.fm chart me
dit que j'ai écouté Sebastien Tellier rien de moins que 59 fois la semaine dernière, faut que j'arrête, je frise l'overdose, et l'overdose musicale, c'est pas bon du tout.
Exemple en images (ou pas): y'a quelques années "Rocker",
de Alter Ego, "Drop the Pressure" de Mylo (eh même Erol Alkan il était fan et il le passait touts les lundis a Trash ok?) ou "La Rock 01" de Vitalic c'était les tubes qui claquaient sur le dancefloor, chaque fois que tu les entendais tu levais les bras et l'air et dansait comme un dingue pendant au moins 5 minutes. Et ben ces morceaux là maintenant je peux plus les sentir, c'est comme la fois ou je me suis saoulée au vin rouge une nuit a Bruxelles y'a 11 ans (11 ans bordel!) et j'ai pas bu de vin rouge pendant au moins 5 ans.

C'est aussi comme ça que récemment j'ai ruiné "& Down"de Boys Noize, pourtant je l'adorais, fucking banger, c'était mon compagnon favori pour la gym et les descentes en vélo du quai de Valmy; et maintenant chaque fois qu'il pointe son nez dans mon shuffle mix, je le zappe. Par contre "Radio Fireworks" de Surkin et la "Jolie Fille"des Petits Pilous, j'aime toujours. J'ai même réussi a apprécier "D.V.N.O" y'a pas longtemps. Ouais je sais, french touch a gogo, ca devient chiant mais j'y peux rien, les bangers et moi, ca ne fait qu'un.

Enfin Surkin et co, faut qu'ils fassent gaffe, parce qu'un soir on en a eu tellement marre du Mylo que le vinyle on lui a fait la nique bien comme il faut, a coups de talons aiguilles sur la moquette, il s'est retrouvé en mille morceaux. Des fois j'y repense, la face B avec le remix d'Erol elle était pas si mal quand même.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Riding scooters with boys

Seriously what is wrong with the weather? I feel so english right now, always banging on about the weather. But it does input a lot into daily decisions doesn't it? So now with this warm/cold bullshit it's back to spring dresses worn with thick tights and warm-ish jackets.
Now that I've killed off monday's manjoyment I'm not sure what to replace it with. I was thinking a weekly article about restaurants but...
a) I'm too broke to go to a restaurant every week (although....)
b) I'm so boring I never really try new places and stick to the ones I love best
Any suggestions?

Dress AA

Jacket Primark

Boots Jonak

Monday, 7 April 2008

Monday's manjoyment X

This week, Monday's Manjoyment takes its final bow? Why? Because with 10 hot contenders I think you have a pretty good idea of who/what makes me all giddy-although this was by all means an exhaustive list.

Anyway for this final one I have chosen to go down memory lane big time.
It was 96, I was 13 and innocently watching tv after school and the video for "Girls and Boys" came on. I had heard the song a couple of years before but had been way too young to pay any real attention. When I first laid eyes on Damon Albarn I knew this was gonna be a winner.

Followed years of dedicated fan attention, gigs, press cuttings, massive posters above my bed, Blur keychains, badges, flags, mugs, pens, you name it, I had to have it.
I famously chased the band in a car, with my dad in the driving seat ("Go faster dad!!!") after they had done a radio interview in Paris, which resulted in a memorable photo op with my idol Damon. (I will post said photo as soon as I can find it in my photo albums at home and get anywhere near a scanner)

Damon is older now, a little pot-bellied and bald and campaigning for world peace and shit, but he still holds a special place in my heart. Now go home and listen to "Modern Life is Rubbish" and wish it was the mid-90's all over again.