Friday, 21 March 2008

Happy Easter?

Seriously, when is spring going to really be here? I am sick to death of rain/clouds/more rain/more bullshit. Especially when they are spring dresses all over the shops.
Yesterday I went to AA on my lunch break to return a pencil skirt that I found wasn't that pencil, more like a stretched piece of black fabric when I had only worn it once. The conversation that ensued was so laughter-inducing I had to keep my head down the whole time.

-the shop assistant: why are you returning it?
-me: oh i just changed my mind.
-the shop assistant: have you worn it?
-me: Nah just tried it on a couple times.
-the shop assistant: ok it doesn't have the tag on anymore but we can take it back.
Should I have been honest and told her that hell yeah I more than wore the damn skirt, I even went dancing in it in Paris last week, smoked and danced in it and probably spilled champagne and vodka-strawberry on it. Haha, the smallest things keep amusing me.
Anyway since they don't do refunds (someone explain why?), I settled for this dress, already seen on a few girls, like here or there. I had resisted until I realised how versatile it is, worn with boots or flats or heels, belted or not, with a t-shirt underneath or full cleavage out.

Dress American Apparel
Shoes Peacocks
Belt h&m


Phantomas said...

Haaa oui, je me souviens de cette robe, en effet! Je pense même t'avoir renversé de la vodka dessus, héhé ;-)

Mademoiselle K said...

crazy nite hmmm

Anonymous said...

Nice dress and nice shoes... really !

Mademoiselle K said...

trop de compliments!