Wednesday, 12 March 2008

C'est l'heure

In a few hours I will be in Paris and am very excited indeed. I don't find the Eurostar journey particularly fun now anymore, it's more like a routine thing, I must have done it dozens of times since I've been in London. Checklist:

-reading material

-ticket and passport (note the pre-diet face on my photo.actually,don't)
-reading for my course that I will attempt to do, but will probably give up after five minutes to move on to "Grazia" pictured above.


-banging tunes that I must try to keep low to avoid stares from old ladies. (ps:is it just me or does my nose seem to be getting skinnier too??)

For those concerned, see you on the other side of the Channel and let's get the party started yeahhrr!

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