Friday, 28 March 2008

"Amoureuse de Sebastien"

...Et Guy-Man.
I have finally properly listened to "Sexuality" and hmm have I been listening to anything else for the past 48 hours? Not really. Anyone who's friends with me on will be able to testify.
The man is absolutely crazy-
watch him being interviewed on Free Your Mind. But the album, I love it. It's kitsch and sexy, vacances a Rimini, French and Italian sleaze, Serge + Jane version 2008 j'te baise dans les dunes a Port-Leucate.

Yesterday as I was walking to work, obviously with my ipod on, I realised that the weather was noticeably warmer and with such a soundtrack I couldn't help but I think how cool it would be when finally summer comes.
I can't wait to be in Paris and hang out in my dad's flat when everyone has left for the day, put on my swimsuit, enjoy the massive terrace, read a book on the sunlounger, dip my toes in the paddling pool, invite some friends round for barbecues and
Caipirinhas, listen to jackson and his computer band, in flagranti and the chromatics all night...

"le soleil brille, brule mon nom sur ta peau, amoureuse du vent chaud, je sens la chaleur de l'été..."

Sébastien Tellier "Roche"

free music


Phantomas said...

Hi! Merci pour la link (là je me la joue Naïve New Beaters)... take care

Mademoiselle K said...

faut vraiment que j'arrete d'ecouter ce disque je crois qu'il commence a me donner des idees bizarres...:)