Monday, 31 March 2008

Monday's Manjoyment IX

Il pleut à Paris, fait plein soleil à Londres, ou va le monde? Enfin beau temps ou pas, Romain Duris lui il croque la vie a pleines dents, avec ou sans barbe, sourire gouailleur ou mine apocalyptique, torse velu comme le tapis de ta grand-mère, trips a travers la manche ou la méditerranée, ambiance Molière ou plutôt pianiste fou, moi dans tous les cas, je prends, je valide et j’achète.
Have a good week everyone.

Friday, 28 March 2008

"Amoureuse de Sebastien"

...Et Guy-Man.
I have finally properly listened to "Sexuality" and hmm have I been listening to anything else for the past 48 hours? Not really. Anyone who's friends with me on will be able to testify.
The man is absolutely crazy-
watch him being interviewed on Free Your Mind. But the album, I love it. It's kitsch and sexy, vacances a Rimini, French and Italian sleaze, Serge + Jane version 2008 j'te baise dans les dunes a Port-Leucate.

Yesterday as I was walking to work, obviously with my ipod on, I realised that the weather was noticeably warmer and with such a soundtrack I couldn't help but I think how cool it would be when finally summer comes.
I can't wait to be in Paris and hang out in my dad's flat when everyone has left for the day, put on my swimsuit, enjoy the massive terrace, read a book on the sunlounger, dip my toes in the paddling pool, invite some friends round for barbecues and
Caipirinhas, listen to jackson and his computer band, in flagranti and the chromatics all night...

"le soleil brille, brule mon nom sur ta peau, amoureuse du vent chaud, je sens la chaleur de l'été..."

Sébastien Tellier "Roche"

free music

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

"Twice a day"

In 2001 I was an 18 year-old (seriously how young do I look there?) who had freshly arrived in London and didn't know much about life and wanted to have fun fun fun and go to gigs every night and talk to cute english boys every Monday at Trash.

In 2008 I am an older woman and I've done the whole sex and drugs and rock n roll thing and I think I am ready to return to Paris-in a car full of my stuff, with my dad, exactly the same way I arrived. I am glad that I've spent these last 7 years in London because overall, it's been quite good.
What will I miss the most? The very few good friends I've made, Primark, efficient night buses, Dalston, walking to Tate Modern, A.B, my favourite restaurants (
Taro, Mangal, Son Que, Il Bacio), partying and dancing all night...
What won't I miss at all? The drama, the poseurs, the back-stabbing bitches, salt and vinegar crisps, hen nights parties and paying £9 for a cinema ticket...

Monday, 24 March 2008

Monday's manjoyment VIII

Yes you are perfectly awake, this week's Manjoyment is indeed a double-bill. It is Easter and as we all deserve a treat, I suggest you enjoy the chocolatey sexiness of Adam Brody and Chace Crawford aka Seth in the O.C and Nate in Gossip Girl.
It's snowing outside, I'm going back under the duvet...

Friday, 21 March 2008

Happy Easter?

Seriously, when is spring going to really be here? I am sick to death of rain/clouds/more rain/more bullshit. Especially when they are spring dresses all over the shops.
Yesterday I went to AA on my lunch break to return a pencil skirt that I found wasn't that pencil, more like a stretched piece of black fabric when I had only worn it once. The conversation that ensued was so laughter-inducing I had to keep my head down the whole time.

-the shop assistant: why are you returning it?
-me: oh i just changed my mind.
-the shop assistant: have you worn it?
-me: Nah just tried it on a couple times.
-the shop assistant: ok it doesn't have the tag on anymore but we can take it back.
Should I have been honest and told her that hell yeah I more than wore the damn skirt, I even went dancing in it in Paris last week, smoked and danced in it and probably spilled champagne and vodka-strawberry on it. Haha, the smallest things keep amusing me.
Anyway since they don't do refunds (someone explain why?), I settled for this dress, already seen on a few girls, like here or there. I had resisted until I realised how versatile it is, worn with boots or flats or heels, belted or not, with a t-shirt underneath or full cleavage out.

Dress American Apparel
Shoes Peacocks
Belt h&m

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Daft Punk song of the week: "Indo Silver Club"

The only good thing about being in London is that I really feel I can do whatever the fuck I want without having to give any explanation to anyone. Like smoking a cigarette at breakfast, like right now. Which I by the way, almost never do unless it is a crisis situation or I'm still drunk/high. But I don't know why, this morning it just felt right.
And if I want to dress a bit over the top to go to uni then I can as well.
This weekend it's Easter and here, just another excuse to party and get drunk.
These days you're not hip if you don't run a disco/nu-disco night. Seriously, wtf? Me on the other hand, I was born into disco! Maybe in another post I will let you know why.

I miss Paris and everything/everybody that goes with it, and I'm actually planning an exit at the end of May.

jacket and dress Primark
sad face my own

Monday, 17 March 2008

Monday's manjoyment VII

Oh Jason Schwartzman! Even though you've been out with Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel (hot lucky bitches!) we still love you. If you haven't seen "The Darjeeling Limited", go!

Saturday, 15 March 2008


C'est drôle. And super busy. I don't want to go to back to London. Yesterday I had one motherfucker of a marathon day,I had stayed over at Caro's the night before and she had to wake up early so I was out of the house by 9. So that's what I did:

-9.30am: Very early morning screening of this
: Who the hell goes to the cinema so early? Lots of people it seems. The film, by the way, I loved it.

-1pm: lunch with papa and maman in St-Sulpice.

-2.30: Tea and a box of macarons with my cousin Audrey to discuss motherhood and married life. And also to spend some time with my favourite man aka
-5pm: Private view of the "Marie-Antoinette" exhibition at the Grand-Palais with Anne-Sophie. Way too packed with well made-up grannies.

-7pm: Pit-stop chez maman to eat, shower, get pampered for the evening.

-9.30pm: "Gauche Uppercut" at the theatre, I am such a proud sister, it was amazing.
-minuit: Party time. Dance, drink, crush, wink, more drink, more crush. .......

Ce matin: hangover, food, nap, plans for later, loving it.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

C'est l'heure

In a few hours I will be in Paris and am very excited indeed. I don't find the Eurostar journey particularly fun now anymore, it's more like a routine thing, I must have done it dozens of times since I've been in London. Checklist:

-reading material

-ticket and passport (note the pre-diet face on my photo.actually,don't)
-reading for my course that I will attempt to do, but will probably give up after five minutes to move on to "Grazia" pictured above.


-banging tunes that I must try to keep low to avoid stares from old ladies. (ps:is it just me or does my nose seem to be getting skinnier too??)

For those concerned, see you on the other side of the Channel and let's get the party started yeahhrr!

Monday, 10 March 2008

Monday's manjoyment VI

Staying in last week’s vein, I chose, Gael Garcia Bernal because. . well. . . come on do I really need to explain why? So passionate in “Motorcycle Diaries”, so annoying but still adorable in “Science of Sleep”. So dreamy.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sexy Time

After the rather depressing Valentine's Day "Heartbreak Playlist", I thought I should redeem myself and come up with a "Sexy Playlist". It's Sunday, it's cold and windy outside, don't you just want to get a bit tipsy and hang out in front of a fire with someone you like? Some sexy tracks, some bangers, some that just make you want to fall in love, others that just want you to go harder, better, faster, stronger...

TTC "Quand je claque des doigts"
Teki, Cuizinier and Tido, slow-jamming and trying to get it on with some hot girls.

Les Rythmes Digitales "Take A Little Time"
Very 80's, I don't know why, it always puts me in a good mood.

Bobby Orlando "I'm so Hot For You"
Une déclaration d'amour sur le dancefloor.

Adonis "No Way Back"
I think it's the repetitive beats that trouble me.

Jackson and His Computer Band "Rock On"
The keyboards, the chorus, Jackson,hmm...

!!! "Me and Guliani Down by the Schoolyard"
I also like to listen to this at the gym-you know, just another way to work up a good sweat.

dj Funk "It's Time for the Perculator"
Booty bass booty bass.

Daft Punk "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"
Use your imagination.

Midnight Juggernauts "Road to Recovery"
So euphoric.

Air "All I Need"
Time to chill. Avec une cigarette c'est encore mieux.

(If anyone wants any of these tracks taken down, please email me!)

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Cute brown-haired boy

As well as making exquisite clothes as part of creative duo The Lazy Ones, Nat also draws and paints. On Monday I inherited the cute brown-haired boy. That is by the way, the name I have given to him. For the moment I don't have too much room for him but it will certainly grace the walls of my Parisian flat.Yesterday I needed a quick, cheap, nice outfit so I headed to Primark and found this dress.
I don't like looking too twee so I wore it with some funky shoes and my biker jacket and headed out of the house to see the Naive New Beaters play...

Dress and Jacket Primark
Shoes New Look

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Hey Boy

free music

"Hey Boy
Why you didn't call me?
I waited for days
I can't believe you didn't call

Hey Boy
Why you didn't call me?
I waited for days
I can't believe you didn't call

A. You're gay
B. You've got a girlfriend
C. You kinda thought I came on too strong or
D. I just wasn't your thing, no ring

Hey Boy
Why you didn't call me?
I waited for days
I can't believe you didn't call

When we sat outside for an hour at the party and talked
I thought something good could be starting
It's not a lot that I want
just some talking and really,
you just injured my pride

Hey Boy
Why you didn't call me?
I waited for days
I can't believe you didn't call

Susan said that maybe you're scared
Shelly says there always is a reason
and Chris said you're probably surrounded by girls
and I'm just not one of them you're needing"

Seriously I love this song. At the moment it doesn’t refer to anyone in particular but I have been there so many times it is sickening. Where is the romance gone? When is the last time you were wined and dined-and not just as an excuse to get you into bed?
I just want to go on a nice date, is that too much to ask?

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

C'est reparti

Dans 8 jours je serais a Paris, si c'est pas de l'info exclusive ca alors je sais plus de quoi je parle. Mais comment elle fait pour venir a Paris tous les mois bordel de merde vous devez vous dire.
Une carte de métro a Londres ca co
ûte £80 par mois.
Moi je préfere marcher et faire du velo.
Un billet eurostar aller-retour ca co
ûte £48 les bons jours. Avec ca il me reste même de la thune pour le restau japonais, la virée chez H&M Rivoli et les paquets de lucky.
Donc la semaine prochaine j'ai prevu quoi: Palais de Tokyo, shopping, ciné, visite au neveu de 6 mois, café, apéro, dancing, before, after, you name it.
Mais surtout vendredi 14 y'a
ça :


Alors si t'es le genre organisé et que tu veux prendre ta prévente, t'envoie un email a ou tu te deplaces direct chez "Les coiffeurs", 25 rue Geoffroy St Hilaire, 75005 PARIS.
Option last-minute ben tu te pomponnes et tu te pointes t
ôt a la soirée pour profiter du champagne pas cher. Elle est pas belle la vie?
Dans tous les cas tu viens te d
éancher sur de la bonne musique, maintenant moi il me reste plus qu'a trouver quelque chose a me mettre.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Monday's manjoyment V

Since the Oscars were only a week ago I thought I'd keep this one in theme and go for Javier Bardem...Hmm not a unanimous pleaser this one, but I think the fiery latin charm is definitely working. I mean just look at him, this guy must be amazing in bed I reckon.