Thursday, 14 February 2008

Isn't it obvious?

Happy fucking Valentine's day.
Excuse my bitterness, but even the years when I haven't been single I always found it really irritating, plus I don't even like roses that much.
So to calm down, and in 'high fidelity' style, I have decided to share with you this special Heartbreak Playlist. If I'm in good spirits all these tracks remind me of happy times but if I'm feeling a bit down then it's tears a-go go as they are also associated with breakups, things that never happened or shouldn't have happened, and moments that will never return....
Enjoy! (ps: as I made this I probably cried 100 times and there are tracks that I still can't listen to in full...)

1-Belle & Sebastian “Is it wicked not to care”
I was 16, you 21, you put the vinyl on and lit some candles, I never found the right words and nothing ever happened, but at least we are still friends.

2-Pulp "Babies"
Strange, I'm not sure why it all went wrong...

3-Kraftwerk "Metal on Metal"
Probably the weirdest night ever.

4-Sonic Youth "Wish Fulfillment"
2002: You broke my heart big time you idiot!

5-The Smiths "There's a light that never goes out"
Who else thinks that this is a tearjerker?

6-Joy Division "New Dawn Fades"
2003: I was probably having the shittiest time ever. (So i went to New York for 3 months and came back all happy with an extra 20 kilos,yay!)

7-Air "Playground Love"
Sometimes I have to hate Air.

8-Phoenix "If I ever feel better"
2005, the dancefloor of "..Our Disco".

9-The Klaxons "It's not over yet"
Or is it?

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Anonymous said...

i know i haven't actually met you, but i just wanted to tell you that i love love love reading yr blog and i hope to meet you soon! let me know next time yr coming to nyc xoxo bree/thestonefox on livejournal

Mademoiselle K said...

thank you!!yeah i really want to come to new york soon actually,it's been too long...

Heather said...

"Is It Wicked Not To Care" is a perrenial favorite on my not-so-love mixes. And I cannot listen to "There is A Light that Never Goes Out" without crying. Can we be friends? :)

Mademoiselle K said...

i know right,it takes a really really strong mind not to get all nostalgic and upset listening to them!
cute blog!