Monday, 21 January 2008

Sous la pluie

This weekend turned out to be alright, i dj-ed at Catch in not so great conditions but still showed off my best tunes, attended a birthday party and had mild fun, played scrabble till 6 am, cooked the best bangers and mash in a while, realised that everything, after all, is not so bad.
I also bought the pictured shorts, for £2 in the Peacocks sale. For the people that have never had the amazing chance of shopping at Peacocks,I think it's quite hard to describe it. It is a cheap high-street chain with cheap (still more expensive than Primark) clothes, trying to be trend-led but failing pretty much 50% of the time. Although with dedication and time your hands you might find an ok dress, pair of shoes or like me, a decent pair of shorts. The sales were definitely not exciting for me this year, Topshop and Office sucked, and I still dream about the Vanessa Bruno at Urban Outfitters.


Nat&Dieg said...

we missed the dj? surprise!!
come to bricklane for sushi sexy!

Anthony Naglaa said...

Nice glasses.

Lyndsay said...

I quite liked the Zara sale actually... but overall they were dire. I like bargains but I hate sales. 'Cos everyone thinks they're getting a bargain.

Mademoiselle K said...

-lazy ones: yeahhrr i really want sushi,but i'm so broke woohoo.hopefully it will be better in a couple of days :)

-anthony: yeah thanks!they were my mum's,i think they're about 30 years old..

-lyndsay:i know right,the only good thing about the sales is when you've been eyeing something for ages and suddenly it's 50% cheaper!

the childcatcher said...

i love your glasses!
theyr great
ive been looking for something similar or more clear, for aaaaaages
the jumper is awesome too :)

Mademoiselle K said...

thanks,they were my mum's,from the 70's i think...the jumper is from american apparel :)